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Out here some combination of Adam Dave Jamie. He's back. All right, we bring it started tonight. Welcome to the show room. This is fantasy football today on Thursday start or sit for the 8th AFC home games not including Jacksonville, Miami. We did that one on yesterday show Adam Azar with Jamey Eisenberg and Heath Cummings. This is a good week. Looking forward to some of these games Dallas Seattle. I think even Chicago Atlanta's pretty cool looking forward to Buffalo hosting the Rams, but he's you ready for Monday night Ravens verse three and half Point favorite over the Chiefs, you know, you came to me like Heath. Are you ready for and it's Thursday and men shoes on an island game tonight, and I was all excited game. To say I'm not as ready as Shaggy be is with the men's shoe stashed or going on. It looks absolutely fantastic in every way Monday night and I couldn't even considered my there yet got so much is going to happen before we get to Monday. But like if you want me to make a prediction, I think the Ravens are probably going to win Jamie. What do you think wage? I think that I'm glad I don't have to sit and watch the Jaguars on Sunday. Like I'm usually forced to because one of the guys I work with does radio for the Jaguars something out that way gets. Well get the spotlight on Thursday though. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes, but usually I'm forced to watch Jaguars games. It's painful. What do you think speaking of that guy? I tried to make him a trade-off for offering them. All Jags and former Jags because he has a knowing to team with a bench full of rookies and all of his starters got hurt and he keeps changing quarterbacks to a worse option. Yeah. So this is Pete prisco who just his whole strategy appeared to be wait, wait wait and then take Drew lock with his last know what the that's funny thing about that that was actually one of his best drafts besides the quarterback. Because he actually did some smart things with that team. Let's see what he's got Derek Carr saquon Barkley Todd Gurley Keenan Allen T Y Hilton Jalen reagor. He's going to have make some lineup changes. He does have James Robinson Chris Godwin no offense on the bench. All right, so he's got some options. Nobody cares about Pete's team Jamie. I did want a quick prediction for Monday Night Football when he got home. I think the Ravens win as well. I think this is a more important game in their mind that it is the chief and you know Mahomes maybe you have a different option will get to that game the first game we preview. He's only one different options the more you know of the guys that were drafted in that range. There's only one different option. That was not camp Camp. Yeah, he's got I got his history and very tough matchups. It's there been some actually kind of low-scoring patchable. I mean nobody's benching him, but that's the only one I would consider is Kim. Gotcha. All right off. Three players. I want to throw out at you real quick. You tell me if tell me if you think they're under roster. Okay should be on more teams, Jeff Wilson 14% at the Giants this week. DeSean Jackson 63% gets the Bangles had nine targets and week to Jalen reagor is on IR Golden Tate 53% gets to Forty Niners. I think the stat was he had five games with 80 yards last year 80 or more yards four of them came without a sterling Shepard in the lineup. So Jackson and Tate 63% the average 17 + PPR points in those five games. Without Shepherd on the field. Yeah, and he caught all of his targets last week in four of them. He had eight or more targets. Yeah. So I'm looking at Wilson Jackson and Tate feeling they might be a little under austerity. Just feeling that a thousand percent. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, it's I think probably the thing holding Jeff Wilson down is that everybody knows he's going to be the early Downs back and the jobs have such a great run defense. You know, I knew he took a shot of me on HQ yesterday and you're taking one of me now and I'll tell you what's happened with the Giants run defense is they've just been really bad in the fourth quarter David Montgomery had 32 rushing yards the first three quarters, he had 50 of rushing yards in the fourth quarter and we saw in the week one Benny Snell just ran all over them late in the game. So I don't really know why they are not doing better in that regard, but that's what's happening. So you do know there was a coaching change, right? So I'm going to have to say that it's different system. But well, I think they're still running a three or four things around 3 four last year, but they have the same same players up front page. And they got a better linebacker. So whatever. Yeah Blake Martinez is better than Alec Ogletree and yeah what who cares? So anyway, I wanted to defend myself from that little pot shots. But yeah Wilson at 14% I mean, would you start him over like Myles Gaskin? I would not I would start him over the non D'Andre Swift Lions guys. If you're looking at it that way, you know, if you're talking about, you know Peterson and kerryon Johnson of just some loam options. I mean, we we just don't know what the 49ers going to do, you know, they've yet to promote as far as I know Michael Hasty off the practice squad. I mean that's a procedural move that I'm sure will come and he could be the guy, you know, I mean, they just might want to see how he's so it could be Wilson in the first half and.

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