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Tip. I'm well Whitman Man. This is small change but I I think I know why. Would you explain the reasoning? Which is On CONAN? You go the organic farm. The creepy hippy cult family. That's growing this. We're on the special UGO. There's a short novel about the Hippie. Organic farm where the growing my amaranth flakes so sort of shorter. I wanted shorter and I didn't want to be a family because the family I realized it sounded clumsy because it like maybe there actually is a family but the novel about just the farm itself as an objective that was clearly made up but families like is there a family behind this. I don't know so just by removing family. It made it sound even more bullshit. Corporate the fish store you add fisheries does not show up and CONAN. I assume that was something sort of riffing. We're telling the story to remember what he liked about that scene way the fish about that. They met at a fish concert. Because they're gonNA GONNA. That's interesting there too. Originally was we met at a grateful dead concert and I realized the grateful dead has aged out in terms of places a references people understand anymore like the people that used to meet at great conscious of not to sound more. But they're kinda dying out into but when I changed fish contract the crowd All facts degeneration. That gets that now. It's like the reason that I remember At the at Universal City at the Amusement Park At city walk they would have Beetlejuice walking around the blues brothers and Laurel and hardy and then I remember there was at one some of the late nineties they discontinued Laurel and hardy because nobody knew they were. They didn't know what was going on as fat guy in a Hitler Mustache and then some weird skinny dude. What what is this like? It's just sad. It happens but it was a really weird moment. Where a couple nights I did it with a grateful dead concert and it got like okay when it came to this Bitch Contra. Everyone went nuts and I realized. Oh that's eight that aged out now. Grateful dead doesn't have doesn't land like it used to imagine people get it but they can't they don't know the person now Fisher like got they go fish. The everyone knows a guy or a girl in their office that you like. They're they're nice but they. I took my gun. I made the mistake of going to the company. Picnic gave me a ride and they played this walking tape and never again in the special. You say the saddest John Cheever story on Say New Yorker article so in general your opinion I feel like your approach and your thinking on references has evolved over the time for comedy. What you're thinking here. What do you think generally about? I think for some reason I was on a judge. Schieber Jag I was reading a bunch of articles about his life and then reading some of the short stories about he was just such a train wreck but but on a vacillating. And there's just so much goddamn tragedy. All of his stories that An also that I just I did it one night like. That's what I was thinking of. I was reading on the plane on the way to the Gig or something and then it got a huge laugh and I think it gets a he'd lap because some people know who John Chiba risk but also this is going to sound really lame. Cheever's funny comedy it just it just like it's like doodle or like even if they don't know who it is John Three No that lame but I I was genuinely saying it because I had been reading a bunch of mine. God how how did the New Yorker have any subscribers after like Howard Howard? This garbage is not committing suicide every week. After reading this stuff you know In in the last section there's a there's a really interesting to me structural difference. I'm I'm CONAN. You just described the back label sort of the way you do the the the first time but in the special you do it as a scene. You're reading the back label person. What what does that do to the jokes? That's that's different because my daughter has just come down. She's about to June call for school I'm doing an interview with vulture. It's a really cool. Online magazine were dissecting. One of my bits got here comes all right our.

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