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Molecules separate uh sort of friends so the men wanted to return to donner camp the women angrily opposed demanding that they find help silly rationality then they all became so hungry they started hallucinating eating and then someone suggested they eat one of them. WHOA so I have an idea so they are tripping my ideas? We eat frank because I fucking hungry. This is why we should've kept Har- group around by the way you cannot get offended in the story in this audience right now so they're desperate and they talk about it and they agreed to draw straws and decide who will be eat what what what what what about the Doodoo smokers Piper died. Why not go back and be like this dude? He's still ready those five days ago. They walked away from him. Ah Timelines off obviously yeah. I mean okay so he's Christ surprised. Drawing straws existed that early but they couldn't do it. They couldn't bring themselves to do it. They couldn't cut the small one yeah so they decided to wait until one of them died and then they would just eat that person within within three days. Patrick Dolan died and was eating. I Jesus Christ Dave. This is the slow down three people died. Patrick was eaten first because he wasn't related to anyone anyone idea of some sort of categorizing of this okay so they hadn't gone on an here I want. I want them to know how to eat them. I that's awesome congratulations. What did you guys I? It's awesome what a a history teacher and he came here tonight and I was like you know my podcasts about. He's like no and now he's GonNa get eaten. What Turnaround Cinderella story so the Patrick they were so you were Dave? It says a lot about where we are that you just said they patrick. It's actually my uncle's name which is hilarious yeah. Why's he leaving? You can't get far old man. I'll see you on the rock-hard goop yeah so they scared him on sticks over a fire at least a nice way to do it. Are you going to do it yeah. Tuck turn tournament rotate them. Patrick look good before but he looks great now. It was a great guy to which they think is going to really help. I really liked him. I've never had a connection like this to the food I'm going to I've never known them this well. I had a chicken name Bob that I used to have sex with. This is different. What's that what was the middle? Maybe hallucinating you better be. You never all righty. They didn't look at each other as they ate Patrick. Shame shame yeah. It's awkward. That's a hard meal well. What are you GonNa do like fuck guys? You guys try there. Dipping sauce good you feel pure. Shame Shame Anthony Bourdain gene. No no no no no no get more aglow. Give me more glue workload pounded Dow with they also didn't look at each other when they cooked and ate twelve year old alum Lem you'll Murphy.

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