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NewsRadio eight fifty AM and ninety four one FM. Good morning and welcome to the program. Christian toto. My partner alongside we've got a couple of movies, the talk about some upcoming movies and one that you and I both saw called fighting with my family from the trailers. I got the impression that Dwayne Johnson would have a bigger part, and he actually had. Nope. Didn't you? Yeah. He's they I knew he'd have a smaller part because it wasn't touted as Dwayne Johnson movie when it was pretty small, but he kind of overseas things in a way, it's kind of bayton switch. That's right coming attraction. Anyway, it was better than I thought it was kind of damning with faint praise going to be an Academy Award nominee talking about the Academy Awards. We'll talk about the big Oscar extravaganza less Sunday night. Remember, I said I was up in the air as to whether I was going to see it. Whether I wanted to inflict pain on myself. About politics that they love to parade. An incestuous arrangement. It's the audience and the various presenters onscreen playing to each other in their closed universe. Right. I mean, imagine if someone came up and said, I am very pro-life. And I think you should be to the entire crowd. We start throwing tomatoes at that. Wouldn't they stand up and defend that person's right to have an opinion on controversial issue? You haven't seen Hollywood today. That was a stupid question. I know excuse me, what's happening at Hollywood. And TOTO I have a review of a film, which we'll talk about next week called, Greta which sounds good on paper. It's from a thought focus features, which is a kind of an art house studio, and it's really bad. A kinda rainy at serenity bio pic about Greta Garbo. No in about an older woman who befriends a younger woman. They have a daughter mother daughter relationship in the beginning. And then there's a clingy factor where the mother doesn't want to let go and Isabel who pair is the star khloe grace is the co star good cast. And boy, it's I'm gonna have fun talking about this one. And I hope we get some callers because I'm very curious to see what our audience thinks that because the reviews have not been terrible about sixty or so percent right now and run tomatoes. So you've seen it. Yeah. Yeah. It's wow. It's it's a head scratcher. Okay. So it's not a fairy tale about Hansel. And Greta, no, it's not I wish it were. Okay. I'd throw that. I haven't seen it yet and based on your description probably sometime ago and movie reviews for what twenty five years, I had to decide that I can't possibly see every movie, and I see a lot of movies. I know I'm not going to like not gonna like they're important movies. And they're gonna get big box office and server obliged to talk about it. And we have members of the Mike Rosen movie club who help us with the movie review and some of them like it. It's very subjective. No matter of taste this or what movies interest you in which ones you like, which what you don't which is great. I mean, there's a right or wrong in this. But recognize I can't see him. All it took me some time to do this. But I just started crossing off in my older age movies now that I just don't want to be bothered with. I get a completely, you know for me. I don't like period movies, you don't like horror movies and just certain John was appealed to us are done. And I I do like syntax syntax and grammar I prefer apostrophe movies. It's uncommon movies. That's so much period. Movie. Just kind of. And that's true. They're very abrupt. They are abrupt. Okay. So let's let's start with. We'll we'll save the Oscars for a little can probably spend two segments on that. Guys. Talk about it. And I suspect a lot of our viewers at least watch some of it. The ratings were apparently a little bit better than last year. But still crappy compared to the history second worst ever is the bad news, but up from last year is the good news. Yeah. And why do you suppose it was up from last year? Maybe people curious about the host free Oscars. Maybe the fact that there were some really genuinely popular movies like a star is born but rhapsody in Black Panther were up for best picture. So there's always the theory that if there are more well known movies at blockbuster types that more people will tune in say, I've got to see if it's gonna win or not. All right. Tell us about fighting with my family. Yep. Based on a true story. It's actually based on a documentary by two thousand eleven two thousand twelve that Dwayne Johnson. The former wrestler sought thought it was fascinating and decided to make a movie so he's only a cameo player here. But he's also one of the film's producers. It's about a family in Norwich England, and they are a wrestling clan. They all Russell they teach a school of wrestling and the youngest of them, a boy and a teenager boy in a teenage girl wanna be with the WWE, which is sort of the best of the best. If you're going to be a wrestler. That's what you want to aspire to and they get the chance to train for the WWE. But he doesn't get in. She does her neighbors page that's her stage name, and it's all about her trying to get into the upper echelon of the WWE. It's not easy. There's training. There's sort of mentally challenging you have to have a bit. A big boulder personality. You can't just be a kind of a quiet demure person. But this wrestling, you gotta have the razzmatazz. So it's all about that journey and fighting with the with my family, if you just heard the title, you'd think it was some kind of a a serious domestic drama. Yeah. There are elements of disagreement within the family. But as you indicated is by the way, this is a truer to the true story is based on a lot of movies are. Yeah. Everything I've read about it seems pretty darn accurate. So fun to watch. And also. Yeah, the family themselves. They there's some backstories one of the kids is in jail the patriarch here played by Nick frost is always fun to watch on screen. He served time as well. But there's a lot of love there too. And I think their their hearts are in the right place, which makes the story even better. Now, this is a family from England, and it's a working class family. And it's fighting with my family is a double on time because the entire family is into wrestling the daddy and the mommy and the daughter and the brother, and they aspire to great things, but they may not get there. So at the see, and as I mentioned last week when we talked about the teas on this. The mother replete with bright red hair and a nose ring. Or is it a lip daughter has liberating? No. But and and a a lower class English accent is certainty from game of thrones. Who in that movie is elegant and Queen like quite here. So I wouldn't suspect that this is a performance that she would be prouder of than her see performance, but you know, she's an actor or actress what's proper these days actor, they prefer actor, right? Context. I think actresses perfectly fine. But I think we talk about the skill the profession. I think you say someone's an actor. Okay. I'll say actor they like to show their range, and here's a paycheck associated with some of the funniest moments. Are they family being is sort of verbally out in the open as as possible while another couple is there visiting them. So it's it's funny stuff. Tell us what happened to page after what we've seen on the screen. Well, she has career as a wrestler and then she had to neck injuries. And after the second one, they said, listen, you have to stop you could suffer paralysis you keep going. So last year, she retired. She still with a WWE of behind the scenes, and how long of a career did she have, you know, I think of from two thousand eleven to two thousand eighteen so give or take I don't know how consistently she wrestled. But that was her rain. So I don't, you know, listen, she's still young woman. I don't know her exact age, but I think those kind of injuries you really can't risk it. And you know, whether you think, you know, wrestling. Obviously stage, but it's intense. People get hurt all the time, and you can have severe consequences. So this is not a fake fake sport. It's just the scripted sport. How prominent a wrestler wishy? You know, I don't know. I I'm not a huge wrestling fan. I knew her name for sure. So I think she was sort of in that maybe near the upper echelon, I don't know if callers have a better grasp aware slaying, but she was she was a name for sure. And she did win a belt at some point. Yeah. So I won't say any more about. I don't know how the whole belts. I barely know how belt systems work in boxing because it's different divisions. And there's also chicanery going on. But I imagine there's some theatrical flourish with who wins and who loses in the titles. Well, wrestling, of course, is a very old sport. Hell it goes back to Rome right lympics at one point before they awarded a belt to champions. I had suspenders. Yeah. Which was not as elegant so suspenders were more popular right anyway. All right. We've got a member of the Mike Rosen movie club actually to who want to help us with the movie reviews, and we'll get to them. Let's take a break and just a few seconds. So we'll take that break in and talk about that tees for movies coming up next week, and as promised we'll talk about the Oscars go through some of the winners. And I would note that any flack that Hollywood had taken.

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