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Are some other veterans returning behind the scenes directors Chris Buck and generally and producer. Peter del Vecchio I have this fascination with this horse and when you told me last night that it took fifty people to make that right I am absolutely absolutely may be underestimating. I want just want to know more about the horse. It's in the clips certainly when we Throughout that challenge how do you create a horse. that's not only made of water but we need to see it under water. It required such collaboration between animators affects. Artists isn't lighters and our visual development department. We weren't quite. They weren't quite sure how they would achieve it but we're thrilled with the results. There were a lot of bubble conversations about Bubbles I wanna be said last night also which I really appreciated was that you have a vision and you're not sure that you can necessarily accomplish implicit but you give it to the people who think they might be able to and while it happens right. They're the ones that the ones we'll throw out these challenges all the time and we don't even think we always ask us as possible and they're like we think so and then they come away with stuff that is way beyond what we could ever amassed this forms. A great thing is they could see the story developing and it always comes from story and so they get excited about that and they want to deliver. I think that you are in a situation. Now you've seen this at the dolby theater with all those children walking and you know how the audience is responding and you know what happens when this goes on and what goes through your body chemically shiels happen I I mean I think what's so fascinating is this is the moment I just said it's like the week before giving birth where you're anxious and nervous and you are so excited everything means so much and to see it yet. Beginnings start its way out to the world that Before opening in here audiences is just builds that anticipation so it's thrilling. It's bittersweet it's everything all at once. Is it fair to ask irresistibly. If which child you like better as I say you like this one better or it's a different kind of love. I think it's very different. Kind of the first one was just the beginnings of creating these characters together they had truly been formed in this way they were sort of formed already but it was taking them deeper and pushing them taper. So it's like you love your five five-year-old for who they are but you also love your teenager or maybe not as much older teenager there there is something about when the first one came out and everyone loved it. It did so well people wanted it instantly and I think you are actually Lebron smart to wait because the anticipation has been building now for baggers nervous. It's always the story. I mean we always WANNA approach it from the point of view from the character's point of view and we don't really some movie until we feel confident and ready for. We don't even released it until we know we have the story that we wanNA tell. I probably have time for one more question. It's about women so it's going to the one that sounds sexist. Now that it's I I think it's too bad. s women were girls once upon a time but there is so much more strength in both of them they are both her roic that it really is a pleasure to watch play out. That means a lot. I think I think what I love about both of these women as they surprised us when you say when the characters tell you where they need to go and you listen to them it. It's something very special and what I was blown away by what they would willing to do for each other and for the kingdom for their families but when when faced with things even on their own what they what they're capable of. I think things that we never imagined and so I really hope these two can really Help US anyone look at the courage. They have within even when they're not sure they have it and power perseverance. There are two newcomers to the team for froze into who I also had the pleasure of sitting down with to Chat Sterling K.. Brown plays Mateusz. The leader of a group of soldiers and Evan Rachel Wood lends her voice is to do now the mother of Elsa and Ana I love that you are in essence a Disney Geek. Yeah I'm in essence. This one right here may be more of a Geek than I am but I I am that guy who loves the storytelling that animation allows right and I think Disney does has it better than anybody else because they're animation has always been top notch but the stories are the ones that keep pulling you back time and time again. It's the difference between why people will see something once and they're like fun and why you keep watching something you don't Chris the billion dollars the first frozen because it just looks pretty it is because the story resonates with you in such a deep way that you watch it over and over again something new away from a to absolutely the lion king is is probably my number one and the older I've gotten you relate to all the different versions of Simba and then move Fossa and then the one that's running away in the kid the I mean it's just like all of it like you always take something different away you might be right about so when he's got real so this might be a good question. I know that when sterling got this Gig he basically jumped up and down on his bed with his wife. Yeah something like that to celebrate. What did you do? Ah for the hair and makeup trailer on a film I was doing and I'm sitting there trying to get ready and I found out and I start beefing and it. It kind of threw a wrench in the hall getting ready process that day. But I couldn't believe it because I auditioned for it. I thought it went really well but you never know and then I didn't hear anything for a month and a half so you just you just think man maybe went away and you just get this phone call out of the blue that your dreams have all come. I liked that you had your tapie daughter there last night to watch your movie. Yeah and so. You're they're seeing you. Kids is but in talking to the two of you. I think you will see it with adult is am orm kids. Is I think so. I think that you never lose that feeling of who you were when you first experienced it right and then you just evolve over time as as well and so both perspectives exist at the same time like all the silly laughs are laughs that laugh at every every single thing and then like the deeper messages also have residents for me as an adult I talked with you about your character lacks night. I should probably talk to you about yours. Because it's your both characters right so yeah you you do love this person you play. I really do and it's funny. My partner looked man was like yeah. Isn't it weird. They always cast their characters kind of books do you do you see how much you're like her as. Oh yeah actually. It's really weird. Can you put it that way they do do that. I took it as a huge compliment. You see kind of. She's like the bridge between on Elsa You see where the spunky of honor comes from and sort of this. This mystery that Elsa has the mother sort of encompass all those things and she's so fiercely sleep protective of her daughters that she's willing to give the ultimate sacrifice and she has her own mysteries that they need to uncover and she's left breadcrumbs for her children and to discover themselves through the past. So I'm giving this so I will just end comment that I didn't expect this to go as deep as it did. It took us to a new place and as a moviegoer I appreciate that. Thank you Georgians. All this talent in one movie and that's not the whole cast also so in this film. Alfred Molina Martha Plumpton Jason. Ritter Jeremy Sisto Alan to Dick and many more this film is rated. PG It runs about an hour and forty minutes or so and it is in theaters. Now thanks for joining me for another addition of off the red carpet. Hope you enjoy frozen into if you haven't seen it yet if you have you can always write to me on twitter at A._B._C.. Seven George thanks for joining us by..

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