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Sacramento. Time for a little news for me, neighborhood there's over, Parnell. What do you found out there, sir? Yes, it's coming out of the Chico Enterprise Record. Soak over 19 vaccinations. Clinics for Buchanan residence. 75 years of age and older are underway was more to come over the next few weeks as view county public health continues distribution of the vaccine prioritized. Groups and businesses sectors. They also have a website that you could go to where you get notified when it's your time to get your vaccination or don't do is go to Butte County dot net and you sign up. And once when it's your time to go, they send you a notification. You'd county dot net. Okay. Thank you. So little reminder about hitting reply. All Have you ever done that? No. You know what? I've never made that mistake. You haven't? No, I have made that mistake. Luckily it was, you know, it was benign. But on Twitter today, I just happened to see this one. This is a reporter works for the Fresno Bee and believe, and she put up a she'd made a public records request it for Madera County for some information for some information that she needed for her story, and she got whoever she sent it to you. Hit the reply all and said to hell with her. She's a piss poor reporter. If we do give her we charge her all our regular fees. So this guy thought he was sending it to other government officials and the reporter got any reply all well, She posted it today with her. She's a piss. Poor reporter. I didn't know government officials didn't like reporters. You know what things maybe need to be said in person, rather than on e mail or not. So did she printed she? Well, she posted it on Twitter. So you know, just a couple of remind just for email etiquette, Always proof read, ensure Email addresses. Professional standardized formatting, avoid hitting reply all if possible open with a formal greeting close with the formal sign off. Don't ramble and craft of professional signature. Can you name any of the pets from our previous presidents? I can off the top can actually because we had an Irish setter, huh? And apparently it was forward. I think that had Irish setters. Okay, so that that's the only one. I know. So there's a lot of talk about the pets that coming with the Biden family to the White House. Beautiful German shepherd is one of them. Jerry Preston, joining us in three minutes with more on pets and the president. I liked it is local incremental voices you can trust. Get all my news. Kristina Matanza, Sam Shane Kitty O'Neil breaking news. Local news depth.

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