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I like them writer like, Mike, my son plays running back and football until he was talking to him about playing football and like took pictures and signed a football and could have been great, could have been better to my kid, two hundred, our auction format the anyone break the Bank. If I was in a two hundred dollar auction format, here's what I would do. I would pay up for running backs. I would go heavy on running backs. So you have like bell, girly, data Gill, Elliott's I love cream hunt, Alvin Kamara, Darius guys, you're talking try. Yeah, I even go more because in an auction again, quarterback is so deep. I'd go dirty on quarterback wide receivers, really deep. I would try to pay to get one of the elite guys. There's like seven wide receiver. I'd want one of the seven. So I'd want one of Antonio Brown Julio Jones Beckham Michael, Thomas devante atoms. I'm forgetting somebody off the Keenan Allen Eric decker, not Eric decker, though. That was a big, signing, the patriots. I don't. I don't know. They're trying something new different. They tried to get away KYW. They've never done this before Kyle. You ever Ever had had a a weather. weather. We had to replace that omen for the first couple. I'd say they've never. They've never had a an old injured player that was, you know that had success. It's an unconventional moves check. Does Eric decker make the team? I'm not gonna see makes the team. I think he, I think ballot checks like, fuck it on my mo- Adam, go all white guys at Reseda shifts. Just everybody tight ends receivers. This is kind of like come true for well, first off, I think HOGAN is being way speaking of your team. I think HOGAN is being way under drafted. People forget before he got introduced top ten fantasy wide receiver. We love he's going to play. He's going to play in the slot and was, you know, people were talking about Jordan Mathews before he got released. I'm like, it's going to be HOGAN in the slot. We're going to have valet. Decker hogan. At the seventh-round wet guy for Miami, right. Unbelievable vanilla funder. Go, give this court nickname, checking saying he's hilarious. What's wrong, that guy never never dealt with the patriots. We'll say if I'm picking on a non HOGAN Eshelman wide receiver for the patriots, I like Kenny Brett, the best, although has been. Patterson. Although right now I think they're gonna some more than special teams so that that is exciting for me because the patriots have just continuously thrown away. Kickoff returns for the last twelve thirteen, fourteen years. It was like frigging Mike Gabel return kickoff returns. They didn't care right. And I'm actually excited to see them care about kick cred impel mostly on special teams not come out. I think the overreaction guy this shared. Do you wanna guess? Sure. I have it in my in my head. Okay. His shares overreaction. It's usually a guy who should be in like the credit. I mean, like, how do you define overreaction from it? You mean like he'll do better or you make people are gonna over hype him. It's a combination of over hype..

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