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Cincinnati Calling out President Trump over yesterday's rioting with 12 30 Report on Bryant copes breaking now some of the president's strongest supporters very critical today of his support for demonstrators who took over the capital, local congressman Brad Wind strip. Wouldn't blame the president for instigating the trouble. But he does say, certainly should have been doing more to try and stop anything them. I'm really bothered by Is, you know the president's response afterwards. We have a responsibility of leaders just call this out as wrong. It's wrong. This first go away. No excuses for it. You know, don't be. I think I saw one comment that he made this. Uh you know, this is what happens when elections go wrong. Well, I understand that emotion for people. I get that, but that does not give you the right. This is not what's supposed to happen in America. When strip was discussed. Sloane show this morning on 700 wlw. He did vote to certify election results overnight, making Joe Biden, the president elect. But fellow local Republicans Warren Davidson and Steve Chabot did object even with the trouble that happened at the Capitol shadow people cutting hymns guest coming up. Later this afternoon, 56 officers ended up being injured in the violence on Capitol Hill, according to police in D. C. One of those officers still in the hospital. They say he was snatched into the crowd beaten and taste. We're also finding out that 68 people have been arrested now due to the violence there today to boost up security of 7 FT fence is being installed all around the capital. Now latest traffic and weather together from the UC helped traffic center. Do you see how weight loss center offers solutions for life changing weight loss? Because if you see help dot com slash weight loss to take the next step, I weighs in good shape this afternoon, moving without accidents or delays. There is an accident on Harrison Avenue before filled, You circle traffic there heavy back toward wrestle men. And expect a bit of a slow down this afternoon on North bound Cold Rain avenue between banning and West Galbraith the right lane. It's blocked due to a memorial ceremony for cooling police officer Dale Woods and that is expected to continue to about two this afternoon. I'm Rob Williams News radio 700 WLW.

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