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Go through a whole bunch of orchards to get to act and this woman lower and I so I knew it was in a hurry and I ride my bike out in that area my school and I saw the the the smoke coming out the winds were coming at such a northwesterly direction that literally John Gordon are how but last night when my husband was driving into town eight we could see the glow of the flames and the tankers were over our house all day and my my coworker actually lives out on Quayle branch quite loudly alert starting she said the ignition point was directly across the street from her house but because the winds were blowing in that interaction it was blown away and I hope that for her sake you know I hope that's the case but I hope it definitely calmer today as far as wind goes I'm hoping they're able to sort of put it out it's not in the deep deep canyons like it normally does when it hit out in the in on the bay area area it's smoother terrain and the winds this morning are I would hope calmer than yesterday yeah I'm looking out the window right now and it's it's pretty darn spell I would say like at and maybe a five mile per hour at the most hopefully they will get that under control today some time we have questions I got a lot of email questions you wanna help tackling sure yeah okay good good although by the way you said you're on your bike again congratulations you're back on your bike I know when I think of you because I'm like well maybe one day I'll be able to go on another hundred mile bike ride and but right now that's not the case okay here here's what we need to do you've heard about ever staying you know what yeah yeah I've had a few your friends do that yeah yeah ever seeing is you get on your bike and you do twenty nine thousand feet of climbing yeah as quickly as you can yeah you live in an area that's popular for ever a sting because there are steep climbs going from the back of ellaria straight up hill into the coastal hills and yeah this is like gates canyon and box canyon area yeah no I don't I'm not there yet I'm not.

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