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Right now, The Dow Futures are up a bit will check your money in 10 minutes. Weatherwise today. Very pleasant Morning, sunshine. Maybe some more clouds later this afternoon high today 77 degrees. W. J News time is 9 15 Let's check in and live right now, with Tony Ortiz at the Sports desk. I Tony Hi, Tom and Roberto making six losses in a row now for the Tigers after they fall to the White Sox seven to last night in Chicago. Pretty rough night for Tigers Pictures is four of them, including starter Matthew Boy who took the loss. We combined to give up six home runs the White Sox hitters in when the night's contest. Now. Before that game took place. The Tigers made the decision to call up three of their price prospects. Casey Mai's tart Scoble and Issac parodies from Toledo. Here's GM Alavi love well, so excited that I actually came with a team. You know, I wasn't planning to cut to make this trip because Yeah, the tight quarters here. It's not the best place to be social distancing, although there is a humongous stating that I can actually hide around, but The I S O said that that you know, I decided to come and just for a short while Scuba will get to start for the Tigers this evening against the White Sox Minds will make his major league debut tomorrow night for the first time in this year's training camp. Lions players practiced in full pads yesterday at the team's complex in Alan Park with sports at 15 and 45 past the hour. I'm Tony Ortiz. Very careful to keep Lego away from these big nose, Wdbj news radio 90. Thank you telling a good idea going to check in with Dennis, New Backer and Ian DeVore next traffic and weather together about a minute away. Hi, Carol from l A here when we rescued Sadie, our shelter said she was a lab mix, but that didn't seem right because of all of her energy. So we decided to test her DNA with embark. Turns out she's a border collie, boxer and beagle mix suddenly say he made a lot more sense. Now we know she needs a lot of.

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