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AM six forty. It's Conway show. Mark Thompson's here. Really interesting Email. We just got comes from a guy named Ralph. Right. I have something for Conway, if he's interested and always a big race track. Fam-. I used to work for Hollywood park racetrack as a subcontractor, and they took out a Bank of payphones from the thirties, the type you'd see old old movies where the bookies would run to and place their beds. I have one of them it's minus the rotary payphone, but everything else is still there. If you'd like to have a piece of racetrack history gladly give it to him. Wow. Wow. That's so cool. That's pretty cool. It's a it's interesting. What it is. It's a phone booth. It's a. Yeah. Payphone booth. Is it just the one or is it like the whole Bank of them that it was? It's one of those standup boost ahead kind of, like, I think I could talk my wife into having one one pay phone booth from the track in a house. I don't think I'd talk her into like eighteen. Yeah. That would be. That'd be rough. You had to reconfigure the house a little. Yeah. You know what I remember? I remember Hollywood park and Santa Anita, they both did this. But back in the in the sixties and seventies and eighties before cell phones. They would put a padlock on the phone on the phones. Right before race before race one and not take that lock off until after the nine threes. So you couldn't phone bet in your. It's used to be the same rule or similar rule in Las Vegas sports books. You weren't allowed to bring a cell phone in the sports book. Oh, really? Yeah. That's now it's different because. So excuse me, so much more stuff is on your phone apps and stuff. But you're allowed to use his phone in the sports. I didn't know that. Yeah. Because they don't want you phoning in right? Yes. I got this for you. Get the raptors minus three. But you know whatever their. Yeah. Yeah. Because you could get you could buy both ways if casino if there's a point difference plus you're becoming at that point, you could be a bookie. Charring yet. Right. You're just giving the currently right? No, no. That's our business. We're the bookies here, pal. Yeah. But a lot of times, you know, these guys do doing off track betting they would you know, they would call if they were taking too much action on one horse, they'd call their, their point guy at the track and say, hey, thousand dollars on the four horse and the fifth race because we're taking too much actually on the source. We can't afford, if it wins and they'd lay some of it off on the track. And so the track didn't like them doing it because they're stealing your business. Sure. So show here back to the phone booth for a second. No one is, is. So here's the thing about I. You know, Montes, right. Isn't Montes right here in Burbank? On. No, not Montes. I'm thinking, but up the street here, steakhouse. It's on the the. Smoke outs. Thank you, sir. I don't wanna say money's the Smokehouse used to have foam votes in. Yes. And, and then they got rid of them or they only kept they kept one or two or wouldn't. Yeah. Wouldn't exactly. And I thought, well, if they ever get rid of that, that would really be a great thing to have at the house, and they got rid of it, and I just didn't know about it. So a wooden phone booth to me would be like the coolest thing ever. Oh, yeah. Like an old English old English street phone yet. But you know what I feel like not to Papu that Papu? Yeah. Pooh-poohed. But I feel like more people have those and replicas and things like that. Right. And would have what this guy's offering you. Hey bellio. Let's get this guy on the line and talk to if it's eighteen phone booths. I don't think I got room for. We number. We need to know more about the phone down on the phone. Can we get a concerted effort around here Ralph on the phone is Ralph on that phone? We're is. Is it a is it wouldn't phone booth? Mark Thompson's looking wooden phone booth. Ralph. Baer. BA ER. Bayer thing I worked so hard to get that title. I know you did during that is a, a very nice offer. Did you see this rescue ill? In phoenix. Was in Phoenix. I think so we're there, rescuing this guy out of the desert in the hills there, and they've been into stretch when he gets the. Phoenix mountain chopper rescue turns into spin ride from hell jaw watching it right now. You could kill somebody. Oh my God. It's horrible. So I call. Astronauts, don't spend like that preparing for space travel. This guy this guy just had a hangnail suffered. No actress into this. And now he's seventy four year old woman who has slipped and hit the ground. He she had a broken nail. And now she's my God out that sets a pole would you would you rather have just stayed in the desert. So I called Ralph and I and the phone answers, and I hear you and Mark listening to this show, so. Oh, yes. Okay. All right. Hey ralph. How are you, sir? Tim. How're you doing Mark Thompson's here? How are you? Sorry about this phone booth RAV. Well, I had a friend who worked there. I did work also, and they decided to take out a Bank of phone booths and by friend who was there at the park took it home with them didn't know what to do with it gave it to his brother. His brother had it in the shop for about five years and said here you take it. Garage. That's a cool thing is is it metal? Yeah. Yeah. It's wouldn't it's him a harmony door on it. Awesome. Well, let's cut the whole thing. It's got the seat. The desk where you would hang the phone book on God. You know that's all on the inside. Yeah. It's all it's all it's all middle of him. So where do you live? Monrovia. No, actually, I'm sorry. This is I used to live. Oh, yeah. Picture of it in the mail. I'm just kidding. Hey, buddy? That, that's a great offer. I I'd hate to just take it from you like that. I let let's let's I'll tell you what. Let's offer five dollars and not. I mean, yeah, we'll take care of you. I would look I would love to buy me at hate to, you know, that's worth some money, buddy. Over here. Let's Craigslist or whatever, and nobody was interested. I haven't put on the wrong. Well, would you listed for you to somebody? I think if you put a put a prostitute to in it, and then you put on Craigslist, I think you'd have better. I never thought of it on the back pain. That's funny. That's why I'd love to see it. Can we put up a picture on on our website? I'll tell you what. I'll send you. Till tomorrow. There's no light Mike Raj. Okay. Can do that tomorrow? Oh, that'd be great. We'll put it up on love to see that who'll. But buddy, look that's gotta be worth, you know, five hundred to fifteen hundred bucks to do. Well, hey for you, I'd give it to you. So good. And Tim would turn around and sell to me for five hundred. Oh, we definitely split. That is great. So can we put a picture up on our website tomorrow? I'll try to get a little older photographs. That's got a little heated man. It's beautiful. Sounds view. This sounds like it could go in your office here. Oh, it sounds like it go right at home. I could put a new phone in it and actually use it. Because because Bank of phone booths needs to have two sides on it. I mean it's, it's there. They would put him in, in his unit and bolt together. Panel missing. I could easily do that. Yeah. I I, I made of side panels. Nickname in high school. You told me you had the side panel at the house, and you don't know what to do with it didn't you tell me that what is it like the Dory? Mahogany. Unbelievable. That is a sexy booth and the doors. That's the thing is like you said with the padlock is co padlock on it. So it's, it's the exact same man love this. I can't. Thank you, buddy in, I, I'm certainly would would would feel much better paying for it, though. Don't worry about it. I'm happy to give it to depreciate, then sold that is right by can we send you a ding Dong mouse pad. Sure will take a big dog. That's a good point. Yeah. We don't have enough. Bed anymore. We have KFI pencils who uses a pencil before. Can I give you KFI pencil? Sure, I'll take that done deal. Trai. Get him. All right. Let me put you on. Hold gets. Miffed nation. Right. Wow. Ding Dong with you. But wow. Nice. I'm really excited to see you get this. That'd be pretty cool. I'm I'm kind of here in the office. Yeah. I think that's where it below. There's that guy with the dog with the asks he's got to tires. I'm sorry. Dogs walking around. He's got to tires on his that's his life. Well, we'll check in with Nori next..

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