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That that was kind of the armament or that okay. Maybe this group is not that large. But it's definitely voting and they absolutely love our product. It's helpful this is the square one. Show it today. Our guest comes from clear across the world in Armenia. His name is Mikhail Khachaturyan Chatrier. CEO of wire stock that I. Oh It's a stock agency where you can upload one place and sell your photos on multiple content places like Shutter Stock Adobe Stock Doc and much more boy found them after uploading my own stock photos to multiple places and realised how cumbersome and time consuming it was in. There has got to be a better way than this so I kept looking but I didn't see the solution. I was looking for until someone from wire. Stock contacted me about the platform now. Oh I could upload my photos to one place quick and simple and they would keyword and tag them and send them to all the major stock agencies. The saved me hours of my time. Name and the Hassle of Keyword in each photo just takes so much brainpower to that well. They were quick to respond to my questions and I was very impressed with what they were doing and how they were problem solving and how nice they were. Someone had found a simple solution to one of my pain points. Isn't that what we're trying to do right so it was telling Dave we really need to have them on our show. I think they have a great story behind what they're doing and I reached out in the CEO. Mickael got back to right away and said yes. I'd love to be on your show. So in today's episode you'll get to hear more about Mikhail his background and how they're providing solutions and helping creatives create and they can save time doing all the administrative ministration stuff. Here's our conversation with Mikhail. So so what is your background and then As more like technology or or finance maniac. Yeah I was more that I would. I would always had I was always passionate about mathematics and art. Statistics saw. Aw when I was going to school I sort of had this focus on statistics and not the matic sending I got to finance. I started my career at in finance more specifically like trading and and portfolio portfolio management. And things like that. I realized it was to kind of Board created for for my personality Sorority. Yes I got into technology more and like product development very early on in my career so so you have black kind of creative and scientific brain at the same time going there right. Business Technology like Like scientific statistical mind in a way. Well it's fascinating looking back at your story and knowing that you have kind of that creative brain in mathematics brain and you ended up starting wire stock completely make sense right for that time when we time when we we got into a stock photography specifically because we were like like I said we I mean we always loved shooting photos and You know teach inch Creating content when we're traveling and college but like when we got into the business side of stock photography specifically's when am One of my co founders had this man social dating application back in the day We had to buy a lot of stock content. Like we like it so we were promoting like off line Dates dating with our at. This was a few two years ago and we we had to a US stock. You know stock the content so we used to buy a lot of like A images of happy couples and so you had experience using that end of the the photography photography world. Yeah and requests come from. Yeah I mean we saw tremendous value in this kind of this kind of content. That you just click on a few buttons. You have a piece of content that you can use in your ad banner immediately in just a matter of seconds Keep in mind. This was two thousand sixteen and fifteen and we didn't have this three image download sites backing day. They are like super low quality so stock photography back down was second no brainer. You had to use it if you want to do affected marketing shooting fast so I know that the prices of stock of a jogger fear going way down Even you know twenty five cents here or ten sends their for someone to use a stock photo. So how as a creative. How do we take our time and recreate these beautiful images share them with the world world? How does that work supporting our family doing that? Or doesn't it. Do we need to find another job. Or how do we be creative. Make an income on family wise to support ourselves we promoted promote our service as an opportunity to earn. Ah Extra citing doing things that You as a creative person law with onto view it as a as a main in source of income for anyone at least at scale right I mean some people some race may be able to achieve it. If they open up studios and do it likes full time and focus on it but I think for most of for most of us stock photography can just be good weight Like extra extreme. Come doing things that you're going to do anyway. So yes I like now. And that's why that's why it's important to have a service wire stock that takes away all this adleman kind of word away and so you can. Just it's like okay. I have this contents I was gonna I mean I wanted to shoot. Some Christmas photo is now in my family whatnot. And then you just have this content and with a few clicks able to list it on this marketplaces and you're able to earn income. Where where the return on investment? It is more reasonable as opposed to doing it at all the way with all these websites. In all forms and nutcase return on investment. It's just a poor so that's our vision. Actually Yan Sen. What part of Your Business would you say your most passionate about? Are you I'm trying to provide that service or is it the the quality images of the art or like what is driving you Everyday when you go to build this business I think at the culture of our company and our team is one of my more problem solving with a touch of creativeness so we are sounds all we like to think of ourselves as problem solvers so when when we come to work we sort of come to work with the mission of solving real problem helping people achieve something at that they would otherwise not able to achieve saw we We have a very strong technical team. engineering wise. Half of our team. Are you know have background you engineering and we like to. We don't. I don't mind being challenged with enough sort of a difficult tech.

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