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Pal. Is that happening absolutely. That's a great great question so like events you know people really looked at event events critically even always existed in. We've all gone comfortable with the way events for happening right because because it was big economic driver like a lot of money going into events and they had the budgets right So nobody had the. I would say one. Nobody had the need to even re look at whether audience really efficient rate. So what if you. If critically analyze events the big value movers people bring the presents to an event and because of that present star value gets unlock right. Sometimes it's new job offer. Sometimes it's a new million dollar deal or investments offers very very big valuers in these events are right and but the unfortunate part was that eighty five percent of the expenditure in the dark ornament was material expenditure right so things like for the venue being for electricity being for security being for p. coffee tissues that all of that and that would have that used to make events inaccessible to the to the upstarts right. Who the the to to the pioneer. Who is in the waiting on. Let's say you karma chain or someone who is who has such a great idea that he wants to get lays the world right for all. Those events became inaccessible and then they will be dependent upon the information. Middleman of sorts would organize conferences. Were big on his and again ended up just taking a lot more time to reach a larger audience right. So what is now happen is that the world has expedients digital events. The baby the baby's bronx have been bid are equally and many more effective than physical events because in a physical event there is a lot of physical constraints like about like concerns about participation concerned about time and space could only do only rented for eight hours. And you would only do. Let's say six sessions and he could only fill four hundred people. I'd love these constraints. I follow people join and again off again constrained right so and again the amount of connections if you if you one of your physical experience. I'm sure he would have also gone through some awkward expenses. Man you know some conversations you are just sitting through. You did not really enjoy those religions. Used to any of our something interesting happening right. You're right digital. Did it allows you to do that. You can you can just. We'll in an instant from a boring conversation for something super exciting. They the relevance of the people that you meet digitally could be a lot higher right and deacon through digital channels..

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