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What's your what's your next lesson. All right my next lesson in in a lot of people are going to want to hear this man. But this is just how i feel. Zion williamson has demonstrated that he's a lot closer to luca than he is the rest of the young rising star up and coming guys on meaning he is going to be an mvp shoulder the burden type of player. You just put me on the court. Our offense is going to generate quality. Looks no matter what type of player if physically. I think he's gonna right now obviously. He's nobody's bill russell. That shirt but i think physically gets his wind. He's going to become more than capable as a defender and again. I'm talking about guys like traits l. John morand jason tatum. I'm talking about all right like these guys are great. Nba players zionist. Showed you especially in the past few weeks where standards has been like. Why am i gonna make this guy center. When he's just shack on the perimeter right like why don't you just put the ball in this man's hand and allow him to flashes actual play making ability flashes decision making skills like and still be physically just overpower right. And i think zaylon is a lot closer to the local level. Then he is the rest of the young guys whether d his own teammate. And like i said tatum trade ceo. John morand saw any of those younger cats bam of bio these rising stars. Zion is just season another class to me. It's good that you did this. After the sixers thing because i think there is a burgeoning. Bi zaylon like discussion about whether those guys fit. But i think in much the same way. Yeah they fit you just have to surround them with the right guy is like that was the sixers conversation. i think that there's some decent pieces around those dudes. I've been really impressed with lonzo this season. I'm curious what you think that the pelicans needs to start doing personnel wise. And whether it's something that's like a change for right now or a change. That's going to work. Maybe two seasons down the line. I mean the obvious answer is spacing is shooting I don't like to me. I don't understand why you go out of your way to get stephen adams in there. When people like mouse on the on the board to this summer i just i love grits. I would love to have a conversation with him in understanding thinking of putting this guy who only lives in the paint next to williamson. We're that's where he's optimally used is attacking matt area of the court. I'll never understand. I think they just got to put shooting around them. Do i mean is that just a culture. A locker room thing like you get adams in and adams is just like every night we we go. We do battle. And i'm going to show you how like. Maybe that's an easy read. I have no idea. But it's like with jay adams and those guys like that really sure what they're doing for you. I don't know. I struggled to understand the moves myself. And you know the idea that you will play a front court of atoms. Vi zion is just anathema to nba basketball. As it's played right now you know. I don't know if they thought maybe we had the goes to defense. Or i'm not sure what the thinking was. But i think that's a sub optimal usage of your resources when it comes to surrounding. You're too young guys who were supposed to be. You know the most important people in the franchise right on. Maybe a short term thing. Maybe it's like whatever developing zionist certain type of way and went zion. Learns how to play in constricted court. He's gonna be unstoppable when he finally gets more space court. Who knows but yeah. I would like to see them up the mazda lineups zion more because as you seen this guy gets the ball going downhill. It's your toast you told. I'm getting to my left hand. Every time i'm once i get my shoulder even half an inch pashtu. You're you're you're done. You can't do anything with me and if you try to help i'm more than willing passer. I guys just remarkable for his young age and he didn't even have a rookie season. You know he got hurt. Then the season got killed. Then he restriction. Yeah yeah it's like aba rookie season and look what he's already doing. This guy is scott limited. His kid My next lesson is that it turns out. Tanking is an art. I've been fascinated by some of the worst teams in the league this year. I think some some of this beyond anyone's control like the way minnesota has slid off cliff is like almost like an early cure song in like how depressing it is but like i do remember like when tanking obviously got popularized with the sixers it was agonizing like i can't i can't say like i watched a lot of those early bad thirteen fifteen wins sixers teams but there was definitely a feeling like it may or may not work but there is a plan like there is a plan and with the worst teams in the league. This year's whether it's a minnesota or increasingly cleveland or even sadly a sacramento who sort of have the roster that you tank four already and are in fact still bad. I just feel like there is a lack of long term thinking which is understandable job. Security is what it is and the nba and sometimes owners get a little bit impatient. Like seeing the lanta where they're obviously they. Have they have playoff dreams with with signing a bunch of veterans and. Now they're going to have nate mcmillan and coaches his team into probably a play in game if if he can but i. I do think that we've sort of seen how hard it is to. Actually pull off a tank and in places like cleveland in places like minnesota and places like sack and in places like atlanta. The mixed results can actually have like long term detrimental effects. If you don't pull it off if you don't lose with intent and then try to build the right way if you kind of have these false starts if you've gotta have you know going all in for de ngelo russell now being kind of up against it and having a group of young players who who are now on their second coach but like second front office administration with an ownership. That's uncertain in minnesota. It's just a really interesting situation. I wonder whether or not i wonder whether we'll ever see a full-scale tear down like we did in philly again because i don't know if people have the stomach for it. Yeah and i think the hardest part about the tank that you know the heiki files never one acknowledge and i think you know philly got kinda lucky in that. It was joel embiid. Who's kind of his. Makeup is a lot different than a lot of cats and it. And it wasn't andrew wiggins and karl anthony towns in the sense that you're the you're the person who tanked for so we're constantly padding on your as it telling you how great you are just. Because he said dad one time and the that that breeds. It's it's not conducive to when you want to turn the corner. Which is what. We're seeing in. Minnesota and i'm glad you said the word. It's an art form because it seemed that you didn't mention that that made me think of was detroit. They went out and they spent all this money on jerry grant to allow him to be you know kobe seeing and they spent all this money plumbly and all of us you know sort of pseudo sharp nba on lookers. Like what in the hell are the pistons doing. Can they were like you. Know what we are tanking but with bring equality players to and you know killian hayes. He's not going to be our savior when he comes in from day. One this is going to be guys on the roster who are clearly obviously better than and we're still not gonna win but he's still there's still going to be the sort of competitive idea to our makeup in our team. What we're doing here. Every day is not in service of losing. We're trying to win where we're gonna lose in the process right as so i. I think there is an art to how you sort of finesse and with numerous i like i think even in memphis who's like they never tanked. They might have had a season where they were like all right..

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