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Vicki Barker tells us that new, more infectious UK strain of corn, a virus has been confirmed in Spain, Switzerland, Sweden and France. Pan is to ban most non resident far nationals from entering the country for a month from tomorrow over that highly contagious new variant to travelers from the UK must get a negative current virus test 72 hours before flying to the states. Funeral homes feel the pressure from the rising numbers of coronavirus deaths, forcing some to turn away families in mourning. As people call in. They may have to tell a family that they're you know, they simply camp him help them because they don't have the capacity to do so. Bob Ackerman, head of the California Funeral Directors Association, says they also struggled to have enough PPE is they undertake the process of picking up bodies. You. Jay has a lot to deal with as it ramps up Prep for Friday's Peach Bowl in Cincinnati. Very Smart says he's got three opponents this week focused on Cincinnati, Cincinnati, just like the rest of the nation. Covitz up with the dogs were on pins and needles because anybody that hits on those three testing cycles would be out. But smart says he's not focused on the six starters who will not be playing because of injuries, opt outs and the NFL at the end of the day. I'm worried about the ones that are here, and I think it says a tremendous amount about the guys that are tops on that list. Eric Stokes money Rice Being Cleveland cable Fridays at noon here, I'm over the dogs, J. Black 95.5, wsb. Taylor. Swift fans think it's mean T. Swift is scrubbed from a famous Nashville music Legends mural and replaced by bread. Paisley fans of the 31 year old singer. Call it a travesty artist Tim Davis says the owners of the Legends Corner Bar always meant for the mural to change from time to time. He's raising money for a new mural dedicated to Taylor ws produced time 6 24 from me to one of the nicest guys.

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