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Bill writer and people can't stop listening, man. But when you said. Jumped out of my chair. Man, I hope and you jumped out of your Jerry didn't like Paul Hammy. I did that today. One of my kid like, maybe. Hear them all again all fairly it's whiter than you with Bill lighter. Welcome back into the show, Bill Reiter with you talking. Kevin durant? Eight five five two one two four CBS Doug McCullough tweets, sportswriter, sports REIT. Are I agree completely? I feel Katie is this generation Scottie Pippen, he needs a Michael Jordan to win a title and get into the hall of fame. I think he would have gone to the whole by himself because of his scoring his prodigious scoring and he's better player than Pippen. But I don't think he's going to win an NBA championship on a team in which on which is the best player. And I think we're gonna we're gonna find out if I'm wrong around, right? When he's a Nick. I really hope it's Kadian kyri. That's the kind of team that could could shocked the world by winning forty three games or more likely win sixty one games and then lose and five in the first or second round of the playoffs. The the new lob city clippers really dangerous until it really matters. Eight five five two one two four CBS. We want to share your perspective. Richard and Virginia. Appreciate you. Listen to man, you're on CBS sports radio. I'm good. Did it just want to give you a little tidbit of historically on on? Kevin. You know, I think you're probably familiar with Oak Hill academy in Virginia, which produced a lot of damage it in an NBA players. Kevin was his junior year, but didn't come back for his senior year, and the primary reason or released one of the key reasons told to me by the coach was the influence on his mother saying that hey didn't get quite showcased enough. India too, many good players around him. They wanted to go someplace where he would be kind of the obsolete dog, you know, go on the team. So some of these seeds about being kind of ego Centric may have been planted very very early and not try to play amateur psychiatrists or anything like that. But there is a little bit of a pattern here. And I know for fact, some started very early in his career. Richard really interesting. I mean, the I I am familiar with Oak Hill because I used to as a newspaper guy in Kansas City right about a lot of college basketball programs, like Kansas, Missouri and K state were the main ones, and they would recruit kids out of there. The childhood star thing, I think is really important and people handle it differently. Michael Beasley was a a young man than I told the story. I don't need to tell it again. But who? Who did not grow into maybe the person in the leader in the player, you could have been because of some things that involve fame at age seventeen LeBron's handled it so well considering guys love covers Sports Illustrated a teenager chosen one above his head. You do that to me? Right now right now, I'm going to Vegas and gutter r-minot guttering Vegas. Still can't talk in that situation too. I really I really am. And Kevin Durant. Great, son. I thought his speech about his mom at the MVP. At the MVP ceremony was really moving and really cool poor complicated. Right. I mean, we can love the people in our lives, and they can also sometimes perhaps point is interactions that aren't the best for us being something other than self absorbed. I got two kids, and I'm not judging the other parent, I'm just saying the balance being loving your kids a ton and trying to set boundaries in which you sometimes have to be the bad guy. Tough thing to do. It's really amazing perspective. Thank you.

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