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On people. He knew the missing to get in touch. They've now received around three hundred witness statements, many of him confirm their relative never came home. I've traveled to the south west of France to a farm about an hour from to lose to meet Remmy Sam he was a French soldier during the war and his memories still haunt him to this day. Sausage. Yep. Ramos born into a farming community when he was twenty years old. He was conscripted into the French army our colleague Vanessa translates. Don't be anybody. We win deceive. We were lied to. We were told there were a few terrorists in the mountains. And that we were going to to restore order. Vita members generally very very soon. We realized this whole altogether realized that the war was was going to be lost to Billy. He says that he saw many terrible things. But it was the actions of his own military that shocked him. Allergic. There's one point. I was sleeping a ten because we moved around a lot. We have not done the two. And so all night. There was torture in the ten next door an all night. You could hear the cries the shots uncontrollable screams. It was very it's very difficult to describe your subject to you. Yeah. Pass this tent, and there was a woman they'd taken a woman outside naked. It was winter. It was cold. Amelia, and they covered with water. And she was crouched against a wall shivering and always feel terrible that I didn't go and get a blanket to cover..

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