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And next to shannon we have sarah who was teaching science for a couple of years and now she is in a program in management at stanford university and welcome so this issue actually hits pretty close to home for me while i was teaching i lost one of my really close to gun violence and this happened this happened in his own home you know and if we didn't have guns like this he might still be here and so i'm really hoping that we can change all of this and and i just think this shouldn't happen the students especially they should be able to graduate from high school and not have to deal with all this no thanks so much sara condolences to you on your friends the loss of your friend sitting also with us here is radical and she is a medical researcher at it you see sf university of california san francisco and a few thoughts from you if you would radical thanks a lot i think it's just really crazy seems ridiculous that all teachers researchers anything anybody that's trying to head the wood and make it a better place so for me do that good imaging research at tied into diagnosis a patient who have lifestyle diseases and we just wanna make lights better so they can get faster better diagnosis i worked hard.

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