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So yeah the mets have adult you know what their big move is their problem golmar mnaya what's let's get on the terrible move let's get our old gm and put him with our new gm because those two things they will that always coexists really fucking well one of the funniest tweets that i see in this offseason was like the breaking news that stand was going through the yankees and then like what the mets or tweeting about at that time was like answering whether or not a hot dog was a sandwich you're not yet that's my life that's that's like that's the fucking will pans for you and he's sitting here talking about how the yankees the yankees model is not sustainable the yankees can't possibly sustain this that the most fucking sustainable franchise in all of sports history you can make a case of the yankees baseball model is the most sustainable model of anything in american history in business yet beyond just it it baseball or sport it's fucking american economics big ma honey walkin is the way to go with how you fucking sustained success you spread money you make money the rich get richer the winning teams keep winning beside you stay on top as you fucking step on next is how you've been to almost one thirty goddamn world series like think about sustainable models in america it's like number one robbie freedom number two maybe like ford yeah and then like the new york yankees san jose said no i mean the cardinals the are a fantastic franchise that 10 pale in comparison to the yankees at because that's how foty and successful the yankees are so we're going to sit here and talk about how how it they can't possibly keep doing this uh they've been doing it for a hundred and fifty fucking years in the past twentyfive years they won five fucking world series they vintage seven they've there.

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