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You can't do that, you know, and multi windows been building the Android for a couple of generations now. So it it's it's all going to be whether people stand up and demanded I think and then whether Google follows through and incentivizes developers to to build for that stuff. But the point is we don't know it's so it's such a strange idea that we have no idea at this point what what to expect. I just like that. If like having a big screen when you want and having a pocketful device when he don't even though it's going to be thick. I know. It's going to be thick as one of the things going to talk about it at first. Yeah. And but we've always said that for four features or bigger batteries. We wouldn't mind a thicker device. This is kind of going all in on that on that idea. Yeah, we will test that with with this category of devices. But I think a lot of the consumer stuff. That's that's worth buying a long ways off there. Yeah. I I haven't even used convertible, laptops, or convertible tech a whole lot. I remember the last thing. I was super jazzed about was the assist transformers where you can put the phone into a dock that became that made it become a tablet that was the pad a phone pad headphone. Visit my politics it is Pat phone. Well, yeah. And you even you're using the pixel slate right now that can be technically converted into like a laptop experience because of a keyboard that you can attach to it. Yeah. I I don't know. I'm still conventional and sense that I use a general laptop. I haven't used any convertible. So this might actually be a new frontier for me that a phone can become a tablet in one go. Yeah. I was weird. I'm with you on that. Like, I find Microsoft's surface line like the regular service, you know, the tablet with the optional. Keyboard to be fascinating, and futuristic and awesome. But also totally not compatible with my use case. I'm literally doing laptop work so often that for me a surface laptop is a much better fit surface book something that so I feel you completely on that. So while I advocate for these bigger form factors. Sometimes man, there's something to be said for proven design. Yeah. Sometimes the tried and true. Yes. It should always be around. Even if the new stuff is is encroaching on it. I mean, I've had pro great example. It's just not. I love all the people who are saying it's the best ipad ever made. But it's still IOS like it's not going to replace my laptop anytime soon. Yeah. Although I am starting to see now with this generation glimmers of that possible future watching. Jonah the Morrison edit a full video on an ipad pro on YouTube was a was quite an experience. I believe that actually didn't watch that. What did what did he use it rush? A no wasn't Russia was another program. It can't cyber director. Comments comments help us out. Whatever it was. It was a we was something to watch a video edited on an ipad with no fans in four k with an apple pencil instead of a mouse. No. I mean, that's my dream. Yeah. So I don't have to carry around Big Mac book. Pro you know? Yeah. That is true. Or or like, I was saying I think he would there was last week or the week before bring the ipad. Pro amac many. And use that new product that someone used to make. That's a fairly portable said you gotta plug in. But you portable, but it's a soft gap. Right. Exactly. That's that's a that's an exciting possible future. So for these for these last number of minutes for this potentially one hour show, this is. Yeah. We're about there. What are you looking forward to in two thousand nineteen then because I know we're gonna see each other next week in Hawaii. They're still the entire month of December to look back on twenty four. But I figured this is a perfect way for us to do it. And in this car, you know, for the long haul that we have. So why not look a little bit more in the future? What's twenty nineteen?.

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