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You saw that your personality man, you see a guy that you see on the side of the street. You're not just going to drive by and you're gonna get a car and go talk to them, right? That kind of guy my personality, my ADD, couldn't I couldn't be one of the other but bread I want to formally apologize for that. And for this interview. I'm only kidding. This is fun. Forgiven? Brad so much fun. If Alison your New York stop in the studio, man, we love to have you and hang out with us. Great. Thanks for having me guys. All right. Brett, thank you so much, man. Take care. The Great Britain a Komodo. What a nice guy. He's really good. You know, I enjoyed that. Man. He is really good seriously. I'm not just saying that because you on the show like that's stop kissing his ass. He's already heard enough. We already know that you're trying to get over in that ESPN spot. I'm sorry. Listen, you get on me. I get on you. That's why we're friends to attack. I'm I'm so so happy. happy during that interview. Probably sell your colleague flower pizza guy, yet the jump. I've never had that I have never had that. And I'm actually I kneel will lose listen to this because I've been talking about it a lot when I get it to say right now that hold on only goes, you're not going to meet me something weird. I'm sharing. Look look looking at coming back back. There's four look I'm pushing my belly out and he's three and a half. Good point is this that I'm point one amount of bloated fat guy. Okay. All right. All right. Listen, you could give me a competent only kiss. I sorta way we're friends. No, no. I I wanna do say that. I'm very proud of you because lots of people say they're going to go gluten free, and they don't actually stick with what you said that Mike myself, by the way, you said that means that I was walking around. In fact, I know I'm saying that it's really hard to stay gluten-free, especially when you have a love of pizza. Well, Khalil lack it. Khalil Roundtree get me Roundtree don't lie. So because Jimmy is gone blue round Lee Roundtree tell me about Khalil's last fight. Khalil's caller number that, he he lost his last fight the Johnny Walker and tell me about his opponent. Oh, Eric and is tough. Do very is this fight happening next. Just tell me this is happening today. Chris Just looked at. looked at me like crazy where is it happening? UFC two thirty six in Atlanta. Georgia a good you're doing the plug. Right. Where's my little Jimmy bird shimmy bird? He's just Jimmy left radio in this morning. He's really not feeling. Well, he sounded like a fucking weirdo list show. Yeah. Actually, like, the sound of his voice. It was kind of cool Eric Lewis two straight Eric Andrews. But wasn't that on short notice? One of them the one against the auto Santos was like two days. I mean, he took the fight really quiet and went to Argentina and Elias Elias Theodora buddy of mine, he that guy has a way of winning, man. He's gonna fight tricky on north of. Did. I just double punch you. It's weird. He's going to kind at work it works. Oh, okay. Hello. Is this Khalil Roundtree? Yeah. What's going on? What's up, man? It's mad Sarah in Phoenix carneval, you're on UFC, unfiltered. How are you buddy? Matt, sarah. I'm doing good man, man. Good to talk to you, buddy..

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