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Allstar but we were like it was amazed you had allan houston you at latrell sprewell your area on a child's christian idea chris childs you had larry johnson our charlie ward who was a heisman winners randomly air of quarterback and what i love your charlie ward in and i think this he brought the football mentality certainly the point guard in the quarterback to the game and so he had no fear about going in amongst the trees and going on yeah and doing what he did that was amazing now was who scored athlete i was trying to explain this to my daughter and was we were watching the a sports is your view is it hard not to push it on her in i mean i pushing on them as much because i'm watching it and would arctic laying or no they do so one is like a competitive gymnast she's like cyclist sincere jim legit we're going to go to the state competition we may have to go to a regional competition you series all lake city which events within gymnastic all as he dr lore beam bars and vault are yet ten she's ten so that of the 10yearold and the older one does ballet and some fencing which i love which is really cool but they my nine year old plays baseball he plays basketball all and and who to watch hoops day of the playoffs starting next week that so far and super super flying coach i like semi coach i kinda how because we go away out on the weekends i can't fully commit but like i do your loosely attach i'm on the bench and like you know when you see like an x nba player on the bench i'm just there to ikea is john howard still ligo now is this is goes all i'm boosting everyone up on the bench but we they won their first game last week and i will tell you it it it was better than any team that i support professional to housing all they want mike one fifteen there was a play where akin on.

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