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I, said three and Cobra lay. South of WACO. Our our late. You had always parking now. Straight is. I don't off shop so shy do. Anyway right. So. If anyone's still listening to this then sank you. It's anyone from the south still listening to this. Tony just. Let me, give my advice, Jordan. It's just give them a break from your your tones. I would urge grow up to be perfectly honest football team. Just get over yourself, or maybe there's a team of you is what you said. Maybe there's a Leeds United dating website. You can only date people. Support Leeds United's. Told A is a very serious issue however. I is and people will will out to be some kind of. What I'm looking for you. Witness A. The reality! Yeah, they'll make it to be trivia. I know many people that go out with people from rival football clubs after a May, use a pick. And is. A Liverpool Fan and his a Liverpool fan and things like that, so don't worry. You can still go out of each of scar, a mutual agreement that. When you play each over, you don't stay in the same house. She separate for a week or so, and when it comes to Kate you let the child decide. That's the only you've got to let the child decide you. You've got to child Goto. Old Trafford and go to Ellen road, and then when the child's about fourteen fifteen. They've got to decide okay yeah. That's true for so many things about the child's decision in future life, not this December two thousand fourteen I think it was two thousand and Sixteen Preston North Fenby to Niller our Lee, said to me. I'm not going onto. Tonight stayed at mine that weekend. Saito a SOFA so I'm not going to give him me so there. You go our final problem, thank. Heavens is from Charlotte. Hello, boys! My problem is a bitterness and she can't a bit more personal a hoop that.

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