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Convinced alexander to burn persepolis to the ground. What did alexander think capital idea. When the sun rose on the hung over soldiers and seducers the ancient capital had been reduced to cinder. And ashe do you know who makes excellent points but would never call for the burning of an entire city the folks who are good enough to take the time to review the podcast and the book. I wanna share one from over on pod chaser. Dot com is a really cool website. It's basically the imdb of podcasting. And if you can't review a podcast on your app you can always review it over there. Karen left us a review. I sit through lots of long. Anxiety producing medical procedures and maxi's voice helps to keep me calm and otherwise engaged. Her facts are well researched and organized and her dry wit is an absolute delight. Love this podcast. Thank you so much. Karen dry wit is actually one of my life goals and having been either the first party or the second party to a lot of medical stuff over the years. I'm glad i can help over on the book review side of things. Brian left us a five star review. Entertaining facts delivered with some moxie. I just received my copy of wipe off the other day and have been reading it every spare moment. I've always loved learning about anything. And everything and possibly torturing my family and friends with unsolicited facts ad nauseam. I stumbled upon the wipe off podcast a couple months ago and have already exhausted the catalog. It was my first podcast. And i'm hooked so anyone out there looking for some educational and easy listening to help dispel boredom during their workday. Have at it as voice is a dream see. That's why i started doing the voice over for thing. Thank you so much for that. Brian and on the voice overs don't like well. I don't have a big company. We're not putting out any tv commercials. You need voiceover for so much more than that. How does your phone system sound when customers call it. Is it presenting you in a good light. Do you wanna do what are called audio grams. Those little the little video clips with sound that you see on social media. I can do those for you to just email contact at moxie. La dot com. And if you'd like to share things with your fellow brainiacs other than your thoughts on the podcast and the book like funny memes or cool interesting facts. You just learned head over to facebook dot com slash groups slash brainiac. Break room or read it are slash were brain on facts and i know i've been promising to make a discord server. I just don't click with discord so if anyone is a real discord aficionado and would like to moderate a your brain on facts discord channel. I would love to hear from you. You can also get me on the social media. Facebook and instagram. Your brain on facts. Twitter brennan facts pod. Heavy drinking by college students is nothing new it even plagued the illustrious united states military academy at west point founded in eighteen to the superintendent general fair prohibited alcohol on campus in eighteen. Twenty six as the winter holidays approached. The students realized this new role was going to be a real buzzkill. Thankfully for their eggnog intentions. And this is back when eggnog was one part liquor to two parts. All the other ingredients whisky and rum were easy to source from nearby taverns a few nights before christmas. Three cadets crossed the river had some drinks at martin's tavern and purchased a few gallons of whiskey to go. They bribed a guard on the dock to look the other way while they snuck the whiskey into the dorm. Only two officers were assigned to monitor the north barracks. That night. lieutenant. William thornton and captain ethan hitchcock. Nothing much was going on. So the pair retired around midnight and about four. A m noise from the cadets floor woke hitchcock was a group of clearly drunk cadets and ordered them back to their rooms that was when hitchcock discovered a second party next door. The students there were so drunk. Some of them tried to hide under blankets and one thought he could avoid detection by pulling his hat down over his face. This second group didn't take the order to disperse as well as the first group had and they decided to arm themselves with annette's pistols and knives and go after hitchcock the drunken cadets gathered their weapons which thornton and hitchcock mistook for the sounds of the party. Resuming returning to the cadets floor hitchcock met future president of the confederacy jefferson davis who ran into the party. Yelling put away the grog boys cabin. Hitchcock's coming hitchcock ordered davis to his room which probably saved him from expulsion and preserved. His future in the military and politics thanks hitchcock. Other cadets began attacking hitchcock thornton showed up and got more of the same. One of the cadets actually shot at hitchcock so hitchcock ordered a student not trying to kill him to get the commandant. The drunken cadets thought he was calling for the regular army that was quartered nearby. More cadets got in on the action about a third of the student body and as rioters are want to do started breaking everything in sight. Furniture windows you. Name it to the tune of four thousand dollars in damage. The commandant finally arrived. And the cadets were cowed into submission bringing an end to the eggnog riot. And that's where we run out of ideas at least for today to celebrate his newly minted relationship with lana people hudson out his private randy and soon everyone in the tribe was drunk as hell for the first time in their lives after seeing hudson and his men off in the morning and dealing with what must have been remarkable hangovers. The locals began referring to the little island where they had met as mahachi tanovic roughly translated as either place of general inebriation or that island where we all got wasted. Today it's pronounced manhattan. See i told you you'd heard of it special. Thanks to today's guest quote readers. John from stories of your and yours soon to be known as inc and ash drew from real feels. Podcast remember you can always find the source links and the script for the episode at your brain. Facts dot com. Thanks for spending part of your day.

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