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Stugatz everyone knows spotify the to go to stream the latest and greatest music but now you can also stream podcast it's easy open the app on your mobile device or desktop click on the browse channel then click on the podcast section you could also stream on your smart speaker they have all your favorites across news entertainment sports and culture start streaming now i only have fifteen seconds to tell you about sport clips haircuts sports on tv original mvp haircut experience and online checking means you don't have to think about where to get your haircut ever again claiming respond today sportclips dot com slash check in this is the dan lebatardshow with this through got spot casts we're starting right now jim brock meyer right now we are very close to starting they're starting right now jim brock meyer this is not surprising is a soul mate a kindred spirit with stu gods they've been talking mets they've been talking jets they've been talking about naked pooping both of them are naked poopers evidently we'll get all of that in a second before we do we got a fake trump got that's just been released how fresh off the presses kaz area made this guy's life and career by saying that this was a ten this trump impersonator we gotta trump impersonator who takes things stu gods it's actually said and says them and trump's voice here it is trump gots making apparent listen i'm jealous of schist gene and so what i do is i lash out when i'm jealous of tension of people getting fano reason i get you know that's what i do i lash out and so i have lashed out at sister jean because she has somehow made vision taya and aa tournament about sister jean that is what she has done.

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