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Whole country gets debated and the right to go on defense and the left to go on offense but it's a fake premise that obama's only einstein to me to bring something else for your consideration because you know as you know i went through a top secret clearance several times and the process evolved why were for george herbert walker bush and of course you had than bill clinton and al gore tipper gore have the rules change that you really couldn't go and ask anybody about their mental health history so you would get people that were considered for a very senior high level the highest access level to a a a top secret clearance and they might be mentally ill so now where is it going to change that we're going to base it on rumor we're going to base it on hearsay there's been no medical determination a just because we hate someone it's basically a coup to get rid of the present quite an end to you with it awards show to a dog big factor it oprah air forgot how different will have five years thing here at it crazy well the that's what's so funny that actually like o'brien mean i think oprah has been a talatin inspiration for people in our business but you know i think is that the best they've got i mean if they are trying to complain that the president is only a reality talk show host has been very successful than so the democrats are what are they gonna do they're going to get somebody else who's a reality talk show host they're not going to get somebody without uility i mean that's that's the best they can get us at to talk show host against each other that's pretty your it.

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