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The school superintendent was on the verge of residing at the time that this was going on and they swept through and they said I could throw as he is kind of like lasts sloppy wet kiss to the school teachers at Menomonee falls you may recall a big star was happening in Wisconsin early into two thousand eleven. some of you well what is it. hello who got elected in two thousand and ten Walker what's the first thing he and the Republicans in the legislature tried to DO act at. act cannot barred. government from negotiating contracts with unions that dealt with things other than. essentially pay. it didn't allow the union to bargain on all of these other kinds of things and. it ended the notion of compulsory unionization it would allow individuals and want to be in the union to not have to be at the you get all the things I read that the you use it. during the period in which it was proposed but not yet passed into law in other words. they had gotten the boats to get the thing through but it is not yet been enacted. the Menomonee falls school board. held a series of secret illegal meetings in which they emailed and called one another and came to an agreement. to pass a new contract with the teachers union to get it done before act can would be on the books that they had a race to do it. they never scheduled a meeting got it it was all simply discussed in a back and forth via email and phone calls that's illegal. the lan Wisconsin says that if you have a majority of a quorum in other words half of half. you have to schedule a public meeting and you have to tell the public that you're meeting if you discuss a governmental basis. I was able to cover email chains that indicated that all of them were in cahoots and cutting this deal. and it made us think about it but they did it anyway. and to this day they defended it say well it was a pretty good contract yeah except for the fact that the school teachers were looking for an opportunity to get out of the union and not having to pay union dues are stuck with it for another two years because they were screwed by a school district that what did this without the public now like if you're having a discussion like this you were even able to go into closed session but you have to schedule the meeting and you have to let people know that that's what you're considering it's the law. that's just one of the run ins that I've had with Menomonee falls I asked the Waukesha county district attorney to do something about this we've been through. three D. A.'s at Waukesha county during the time that I've been here and not a lot of member did a damn thing about violations of open records it open meetings laws Booker didn't do anything about it shovel to do anything about it and the current disfigured tourney has absolutely no interest in even considering the look in in any of these things you just don't do anything about it because of Waukesha county everybody takes care of one another anyway now many faults. that's just one of the things that I've been involved it over there. there were other school districts around southeastern Wisconsin that extended contracts of the teachers union to get around act can but they all at least did it legally they scheduled to meet again as obnoxious as it wise. they did it within the confines of the law in Menomonee falls because they probably do it was unpopular good school board members who did it the way that they did add because nobody else is going to do anything about things like this I will sign it this is like currently my quality of life. it's just work this way I get it hi Bobbie topics you think I've done that have come out of Menomonee falls in thirty years I would say twelve right but one every I I mean I don't be little tiny I be big. way more than any city except Milwaukee. it's amazing. it should play it is if you say that because you don't like Sheboygan he's got a bias against a boy did you use you just do thank you but still you you were kidding read of like you to go to subway it probably some big Sheboygan body shop you around or something you gotta go crawl back in scurry back to the small town that you were at I can just see you in Sheboygan Walker eat eight years old look at the tall buildings there is probably like two stories high. I I only say that because that's what I did when we went to apple to. we had a what would his apartment star that was six stories high I swear that looked to be like the Empire State Building. because Paredes thanks now is the A. L. building that's what it was eight association promotes eggs they had like a skyscraper in Appleton what I did was like eight. all I could do this what did that way way way up there. not the tallest building in my own to a tool. two stories we had we had a few too Sir like some houses that are two thirds that was a nice guy. another what about how many balls this background is all I think important. they have the sweet heart hotel deal. this hotel along the freeway it used to be a holiday now it's a rat is that it all of that. for whatever reason it's always embroiled in controversy and also for whatever reason some people about how many calls are obsessed with the becoming like the four seasons. we got hotels all over southeast in Wisconsin and I swear other than maybe at all really famous on like the Pfister in the high it will be ever cares it's going out of it. some succeed some fail and nobody much cares one way or another. what's the I could sit occupancy rate out of the red roof inn down by the airport okay. they've been obsessed with this what about apple's. so they came up with the deal. hello developers a fortune I'd I I'd the number eighteen million is in my head that I might be wrong. which seem to be an insane amount of money for a hotel that wasn't that big that was located along the interstate. an anomaly falls back the loan was city funds this wasn't something where they just put their name out of for preferential interest rate the city but I many pauses on the look at this. it struck me as an unbelievably insane and risky thing to do for no particular benefit what other characters somebody in that hotel at the hotel has value as a business it's going to find a lender and a buyer and elaborated as a hotel and if they don't they're not going to. so I got involved in looking into this. once again. they acted like that. you know I'm not like that I'm the lock ness monster wandering in the Menomonee falls nothing but obstruction the village manager members abilify they all said I was nuts that I was too stupid to understand the deal of course you know what happened the deal when the deal went belly up and some call it you know so I got in there to buy their way out of the deal so forth and so on another words it turned out to be the exact same **** ball the pretty much anybody with a break could pick it up again it was Menomonee falls. the thing that's weird about this debate. is but nobody falls is actually one of the most conservative communities we have. I'm not sure exactly why it is specifically but I know why it is generally. they tend to elect to public office like the most lefty members of the community and the most arrogant members of the community there are exceptions. they've got a few members of the village board that a pretty good of light. now in many communities that I can't say this is the case of Menomonee falls a lot of ties you just have some people that are you know they volunteer for everything they run the church border there a coach of the conflict ball team and they do resilient things and they just popular people in the community and therefore they run for office they win because they know everybody. and sometimes those people are terrible government officials but they got themselves elected because they knew everybody and everybody liked. that could be simply all it's been over thirty years of Menomonee falls but it's just not ever really totally fixed itself. and this stuff comes up again and again and I actually dreaded. but it's not gonna be like if I hear something goofball go a all its Menomonee falls I'm just going to let this one slide how can I just let it slide. we go at it again and again and again. the latest. again they will just bend over backwards to do everything in their power to be obstructive and stop you from No Way which go a god you would think. that after all this time it would occur to them that this just makes me look more you would think in particular. after this former school superintendent hauled about thirteen people out to San Francisco for a left wing conference. and shall get to teach them how to be more liberal educators. and I was able to expose that right before the referendum you would think that my daughter and them to stop trying to cover these things up and maybe be a little bit more up front about that but the first place. but as I say what every time you say with regard to Menomonee falls look at you with leg it never happens. seven to share with you the latest rite aid at the absurd situation and what I'm actually going to. people are so what can I DO there's something actually the public can do here. you can in your own way be as good of a pain in the **** in a good way as I. never not all pay into the but are bad that sounds odd because all paid to the but are bad but I look here the but in a good way I am. I'm a paid in boats up people that need to have patience in their boats it still is it any good. I'm a pit I'll just leave it at that have appeared in the **** but in a good way. three forty two does talk about a thirty W. as it's time for rapid traffic.

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