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Okay hands and feet doing that they're so offended by them that they have to cut them off there's thinning feel like my feet are very good at sitting i'm we're gonna get through this we're gonna get through this next segment and we're going to be all right the next thing i'm going to tell you about we're going to be cool all right okay all right do you have not trust this at all you might want to if you have any sensitivities you might want to turn the podcast here so buckle into something okay so for these believers for the skopje there were two kinds of castration oh the the lesser seal and the greater seal those are partial and complete castration four men lesser can't guess ration was the removal of the testicles only while greater castration was the removal of the penis as well men who did the greater seal used a cow horn when urinating for the rest of their lives first of all how many people died of infection like this is hey you know what that's that's the best time to die because because well because then you're purest so you know you go straight to jesus like freshly shorn and he lies that shit and barbie doll crotch and be you don't have to live the rest of your life without your bits so it's a win win if you die of your castration if yeah if the your other option was living the rest of your life in the siberian forest why not.

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