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No one had no live past ninety at that point and it did really really well made the new york times extended bestseller less. I think like number nineteen or sixteen or something like that. That visit the garden ronald reagan. Ronald reagan and i did all sorts of radio. Tv shows in then. Reagan died on june fifth. Two thousand four a few months later and all those people that had me on all their shows from you know the the associated press called and asked me if i could do join them on. Radio to coverage of reagan's funeral that week bill o. Reilly of the o'reilly factor. I must have done a show in february. I think i did called me back to have me on june. Two thousand four to talk about reagan faith. And so so. That's when the book made on the bestseller list again. And that's when the again providential at that point june two thousand. Four reagan died. Everyone wanted to know afterlife questions right. Where was reagan to reagan. Believe what reagan. Think about god so the so the timing on it turned out to be perfect. That's kind of a that was a whirlwind year. Those worlwide year for you to our that week. The week that he died i did. I did fifty sixty radio tv interviews. It was unbelievable. I in fact. I should check the box and they have saved it. The monday may be of that week. I must have did twelve. Fifteen twenty interviews. It was just..

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