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At the dance studio yesterday police say the bucket of water the boy crawled into had been left out by an employee officials say they would talk to the mom about possible negligence but overall it just peers to be a tragic accident police have arrested a man suspected of attacking an elderly man in hollywood the guy was taken into custody yesterday the elderly man was knocked down in october while walking on libreria he was hit in the face with a backpack a scholarship that's the first of its kind will help asylum seekers or refugees go to college in california southern begging her nine and i decided that i wanted to do something make a difference among cdc he came up with the scholarship idea on a family trip to turkey i saw nene theory refugees eagerly looking career english that they could conquer their higher education abroad which you go back to school at you see irvine she help raise nearly a hundred thousand dollars now committee will decide eligibility requirements and how that money will get distributed the refugee students scholarship programme will be the first one in the uc system for refugees and the first in the country spearheaded and funded by students monica rix kfi news prince william has personally delivered his sons handprinted christmas gift to wish list to santa william was on an official trip to helsinki finland yesterday when he met up with father christmas as they call santa in britain william son george shoe is four only asked for one thing he wants a police car oh trivia royal traffic from your helpful socal honda traffic center crash in anaheim on the ninety one but suddenly fuel was motorcycle where was a growth everything no off to the right shoulder things are really heavy coming away from just before imperial highway also it's going to be a slow drip on the 605.

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