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And they thought it was funny. They didn't understand yet. They were not Jewish and they put him on RCA Victor records. And that's how the beginning of his career as dialect Titian comedian. And that's how the public knew him from those records. What what was Mickey Katz and his crazy kittens? I love that. Betty Hutton was was was part of their he toured with Betty Hutton with you know, with the the troops right in Europe. Right. He was the band. Leader. Selling war bonds after shows? Yeah. At one point. Yeah. So when you're father started performing around with his songs was he in like was it vaudeville the Yiddish theater. There was no Yiddish theater for him because he was a musician. Yeah. And so he was sort of in the vaudeville world. Okay. The palace theater in Cleveland and big names. Play the palace theater. Very Earl Sophie, Tucker. Oh, yeah. Yeah. I used to sit in the pit and watch on my and I think that's where I kinda got a bug. And and you said, I think it was that your mother took you to you would take you to the theater. Yes at yeah. She took me to see. A proper American play at the Cleveland play house where they had no idea. What a Jew was. No, they didn't it was very very high class, and you know, major and. I sat down there. And I watched these children in this children's group of actors putting on a show. And I I knew in that moment I sent him. I wanna do that. I wanna do that at the age of eight nine nine was a little later. Well, well now, how did your parents react? Oh, good. My mother. She wanted to be a star, you know, an actress, but she had no talent for that. She became a painter. She became a painter great cook. She was terrific. She somehow have this idea that she was going to be a movie star because everybody was crazy about the movies than it was the beginning of you know, Hollywood stuff was Peter Laurie. One of your favorites. I found that in the research. He was I was great fan of him of his. Acting. I thought he was a great character. Have you heard Gilbert's, Peter Laurie Joel I'm ready? I'm closing my eyes three okay. No, he chew who brand. Hewitt. You're stupid that him to by catering the found out how valuable it was. No one had such an easy time. Getting it you done during fat head. Well. I didn't know I was going to be surprised like this. I wish our listeners could see the look on shoals face. He was delighted by that. Pretty good. Excellent. That's the best parent Laurie Laurie ever done. Who else? Do you do? He just didn't Greenstreet I'm closing. Kevin. You ought to characters. I I talking to a man, I said, talk brilliant. That is. Yes. Thank you. I can leave. Now, he's a great. He's a great mimic. We've done two hundred and forty of these Joe, and you wouldn't do you? Remember the character? Actor Jon macgyver. I do. Yeah. Listen to this is your ice. Oh to for seek bus spit the Kolding to schedule. We will have those markers of this company, the tight ship everything spent done, the colder. It's all of those. I like that too. You don't have to say anything. I'm just put on the show for you. I did like it. He's a great mimic. Yeah. We'll pull some other ones out later on the show before we jump off your data. I do when we mentioned this before we turn the mic on..

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