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Good morning, Jan. Good morning, Bob. Let's talk about the double door first. There have been a lot of rumors about them moving in. Now. I think this is official right there. New home and uptown. It is, um, hilariously. The owners of the double doors have not have been very mom on this. They closed their wicker park location in 2017 after being there since 1994. And, um the rumors were, you know, swirling about them opening an uptown and everyone knew it. But they haven't confirmed it yet. But the alderman and yesterday the City Council. Confirmed that the double door is moving into the former Wilson Theater building, which used to be you know, it's a long time theater and uptown dating back to 1908 the home to vaudeville performers on and it will soon be having live music again. Hopefully, the rock and roll that the double door is known for, um Oh, yeah, well, when everything is open back up, and it's a beautiful building, and it's it's pretty exciting that the rock lotus is come back. Cool. 10 50 West Wilson for the double door. At the City Council yesterday. They also approved a new ordinance and this was about environmental polluters, right. Right. So as you probably remember that big smokestack implosion at the old Prophet Cole plan earlier in the pandemic last year, Um What a big dust cloud over the whole neighborhood of Little Village and people were very angry in the same thing was happening in Lincoln Park. A lot of the residents there were complaining of, um, substances in the air from General iron. So the city has has taken some criticism for allowing the pollution to happen for like permits and just giving Um, then the operational capacity, But the thing is now saying, all right, if you don't keep up with your promise to keep the dust out of the air and to have these medications in place to prevent, um, implosions from quoting a neighborhood in dust. We're gonna find you and the finder going way up. It went from 1 to $5000 to you up to $50,000. If there are repeat violations, so this only applies to big companies. So if you're smaller and doing like small implosions or small, you know, um, construction. You don't have to worry about it. But this is for the big guys and Really coming down hard on on them. Well, hey, look, we should all be for breathing clean air, shouldn't we Exactly. And this this'll deserves a shout because especially these days, Anybody trying to open a new business or expand their business needs all the help they can get. And this is all about a fixture on the North side. Tell us about this. So it's some honey runs a bunch of restaurants in Logan Square and on liquor stores, and he just gets it. He understands the economy of Logan, where and what people want, and he has a lot of successful businesses. But obviously like everybody else, his dining restaurants have been hit really hard in the neighborhood. So he has have pop up deli coming to Red Star liquor, which is his liquor store that's been on Milwaukee Avenue 1991 and his favorite sub shop, which was the North Center closed. A few years ago, it was heroes. Remember, that was a long time Staples North Center. So he was like I miss those sandwiches. I'm gonna make of myself. So you go to red Start. It's now called Red Star Deli. It's in Red Star liquor. You can get a big sob and Italian solve whatever you want on fresh baked bread. Um, this is a lot to satisfy his craving, but it's also what people are looking for right now. Where? You know, I'm going to get a six pack of liquor store. I'm gonna pick up a sandwich and bringing home versus a lot of the restaurants. He has Dinan 27 25 North Milwaukee Avenue for that we We need our comfort food. Hopefully not too much on the comfort liquor. Gotta go easy on that right that I'm craving Italian sub. Now, let me tell you and it's seven in the morning. You know what you mean More in black club Chicago dot orjan Sabella. Thanks. Talk to you folks. Tomorrow, Jim. Thanks, Bob. Have a good one YouTube 7 26 right now coming up on the broadcast after the 7 30 News. We will congratulate Northwestern Coach Pat Fitzgerald and his new deal and before eight will hear more about what went out of the City Council meeting yesterday when we talked to 42nd Ward Alderman Brendan Riley and specifically What's the deal on the Carjackings? And what are the police saying about that now where they doing about it? We'll get to that before eight with the downtown alderman. We'll open up the mailbox in a little while and we have a lot of your feedback to acknowledge. And if you want to email us your text us you can Do it easily. The text numbers the same is the phone number 312981 72 103 1 to 91 7200 And if you want to email us Bob show at WGN radio dot com Bob show at WGN radio dot com. Also coming up this morning before nine o'clock NBC five. Veteran reporter Phil Rogers is always on the big story, and he's got a story to pass along about something new he's doing now. Which is pretty interesting. It's called Big Chicago stories and it's a chance For filled to go into the archives and examine Ah lot of great video and talk about some of those stories that you and I all remember. And he's also been covering the story of that guy who was living in O'Hare like Tom Hanks in the terminal, and I haven't been following that story very closely. So when I asked feel about that, I know he's on it. S Oh, we'll get to that between 8 39 today. And also a reminder about that information page would get set up to help you get to the right website. If you're trying to figure out this vaccine confusion Hang out a minute. I have it here. You can get a list of different websites where you can sign up for covert 19 vaccinations in Illinois. Cook County. All the suburban counties also the sites for Walgreens and Jewel, Osco and Wal Mart, and it's set up.

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