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Votes whether to impeach president trump house intelligence committee chairman Adam Schiff on ABC this misconduct goes on the threat to our election integrity coming up goes on it's a clear and present danger I think to our democracy is not something that we can turn away from a new CBS news battleground tracker shows most of those polled said the president deserves to be impeached CBS news director of elections and surveys Anthony so Manteo Democrats tell us that they are solidly behind get the approval of impeachment in large numbers and if you look at the Democrats and people who voted for Democrats in Congress in twenty eighteen almost nine and ten of them support the impeachment the death toll has risen to sixteen after a volcano erupted last week in New Zealand one victim being treated for burns in Sydney has died search teams are still looking for two bodies on white island where the volcano erupted the BBC's Phil Mercer St that searching clued serve people being flown to the island to to carry out this painstaking searching what is a very risky environments still there are risks of further eruptions and also police and navy divers have been in the contaminated water off why Thailand searching again unsuccessfully a member of a search and rescue team looking for a missing hiker in San Bernardino California was found dead after he was separated from his partner on mount Baldy sheriff's office spokesman John McMahon they lowered one of their rescuers via cable voice cable down I located our search and rescue volunteer Tim staples put sustained unfortunately and tragically fatal injuries as a result of the fall police arrested a pawn shop owner in connection with last week's shooting in Jersey city New Jersey WCBS TV reporter mark Liberman thirty five year old Almeida Heidi.

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