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August another Democrat challenging pages county assessor Jack Zimmerman Montel body lost a stinger in the democratic primary by about eleven hundred votes well Roger brand is in the steeple traffic center came X. news time seven ten how are the highways look in this morning well pretty good I mean what if you'd normally have you run a lot of the area they result means of your west bound to seventy of bats back to kind of a normal really just a little slow but on the whole ferries eastbound I was seventy just some slow traffic approaching like singles for Brian road a little busy again from Katie are used to seven in the rock or the actual the heaviest of that's a trip in the sunshine there I guess little more intense south of sixty one for one full parkway after we have a rollaway through highway K. you've got some congestion and again in pockets and through our courts and toward one forty one it's a little slower after that it's just a little by the late replay funeral that revealed that point was prosecute for him to do because we will have a north wind to seventy bar down from fifty five to watch us on very approaching forty four Manchester couple more slow spots these by forty four to two seventy okay great of northbound fifty five one forty one all the way to downtown no problem just a little slow major ramp on the westbound forty four in a construction zone and then on the older side there's an accident on the shoulder on sixty four near the S. seventy split westbound so delays from twenty fifth street to that point in west of the Cambridge works on its property barber across a proper visual better to begin the bread is doing pretty well right now accepted seven twenty from Stiefel traffic summer sunshine this morning giving way to some clouds a brisk and chilly day high forty two colder tonight low to mid twenties with mainly cloudy skies morning clouds giving way to some sun a breezy cold feeling day tomorrow real feels teens and.

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