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KCBS news time one forty one as we head toward the new year, medical researchers are hoping things change with regards to clinical research on marijuana KCBS has John Bristow spoke to one such researcher Dr Peter grin spoon and author and physician who's also an instructor at Harvard Medical School. So as the problem remains the way the feds classify cannabis categorized is scheduled one in the controlled substance with cocaine LSD methamphetamine. Schedule. One means it has no medical benefit and severe, abuse liability. Neither of which he says is true of cannabis. It'd be very difficult to get both races to do research and get actual marijuana research. Dr grins spoons has not only as cannabis less harmful than tobacco and alcohol. Dangerous than opioids which are scheduled to. It's more strictly controlled than opening your such a best epidemic. So it's kind of an anachronism that cannabis is scheduled so tightly, and it's making it very burdensome for researchers to do research on it. John Bristow KCBS. This holidays can be a hard time for those who feel alone or how hopeless, but there are people sitting by the phone in San Francisco waiting to help KCBS is making gold's be has the story. The mental Health Association of San Francisco does not run a hotline we try to keep our callers out of crisis. So we feel like we're we're preventative measures. So that they don't have to go to the or or or perhaps harm themselves. So we're here to. To provide support before someone gets into crisis. That's why recall the warm line and not a hotline. Peter Murphy helps to coordinate this phone line. He says what they're offering is peer support. I'm someone who I've had my own mental health challenges. I mean, I've ended up in the ER and psych wards around all that. And I've had therapy and counseling what have you and one thing that's really helped me has has been to have supportive peers. Meaning those that those that have had similar experience, and what we share with our callers as our experience.

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