Hicks, Tom Hagan, President Trump discussed on Rush Limbaugh


Is a meeting in the oval office your rights freebies should got bannon you have uh in kellyanne conway of mary hope hicks in their take your pick you got you got tom hagan in their anthony scaramucci these guys in mr president please please this is not like you is not helpful that caught fraternity general says it's gone too far fighters later trump's at a rose garden doubling down on what allows sessions it doesn't make sense but this does the nippy relating these people there's nobody better there's no way i don't think we've had a more mediasavvy president it's hard to say because we don't know really how savvy the people were before we were born but our lifetimes there haven't dumming this guy owns it folks forget what they're saying about donald trump is the news from the morning you'll get up time in the morning get up to you go to bed he has totally totally forced the fate media to do nothing but report on him i know i know it's all fake and it's largely unfair in its meanspirited he probably doesn't like a lot of it but to commandeer the entire industry of journalism like this a bunch of people that hate trump cannot help but give he had never ending exposure now i know some people who think trump gets to march they wished she would go silent stay invisible just for two days just just to take he can't the media can't they can't ignore donald trump so what trump can do is manipulate them in it's possible i'm just withdrawn is out there is a theory i mean who really knows but i think it would be i'll give you great s w wsa stance because after months and months in onto these people just rippin jeff sessions one side of down the other and now here comes a week where he's a greatest guy in.

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