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That's something we do a lot and in the context of say rising china worried something we're going to start doing an asia a lot more trying to forced countries to choose between china and if we force them into that choice we might not like what they actually decide so so i mean what what would that look like in in an asian asian context i mean i i feel like i'm constantly hearing about are like new conflict china but like what's what's at stake you know so the the new conflict with china is certainly as great power competition writes back. It's the buzzword of the year in d._c. Think tank pal is about <hes> on the ground grown. Not much has actually changed. It's just that the trump administration in their national security strategy about a year and a half back. <hes> embraced the idea of great power competition. They basically said we're pivoting away from the middle east. We're going to pivot to asia. Save bomb administration wants said <hes> but for real this time <hes> and that we're gonna focus our attention on on china and the components salva really fussy. You know you get a lot of different answers depending on who you ask so the trump administration really seems to be focusing on the trade aspect of it <hes> but the people that are military hawks about this who think that we should be pushing for more ships chips in the south china sea for example. They're not particularly displeased by the trade aspect either. You've actually got people at d._o._d. Saying this is great because it inserts some friction in the relationship i china so this is <hes> a lot of people think that there is e coming clash with china <hes> and what we're doing nose or ramping posterity is suppose awesome helpless avoid where i think most real estate strangers like me would say that we shouldn't be driving us towards the conflict instead and i think that's important because i think.

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