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It doesn't really do anything for me. The worse it's you're pretty bringing back the same roster with a worse coach. I don't really know how that moves you need 11. No. It doesn't. It doesn't at all. And now Elliott Friedman had said on his 32 thoughts podcast after a game 6 cup finally said that he was talking about the lightning assistance interviewing for jobs, Jeff halpern and Derrick lalonde. You've mentioned halpern a ton and the past bunch of weeks. You turned a lot of people onto that idea. And Friedman mentioned that he didn't the brews are going to do second round interviews this current week. They could interview those guys, but I don't think they're the overwhelming favorites. That was kind of the vibe he gave. Like they might talk to them, but might not, you know, wouldn't surprise them, but it's not like overwhelming favorites or anything. The tough part is, you know, who also needs a new head coach right now. The Detroit red wings. And you know who runs the detour at red wings? Stevie why? And who do you think hired?.

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