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Michael jackson due to commercial for california raisins really yep back in the 80s now well he um they didn't stop motion all sorts of stuff and they they didn't use his voice or anything i don't even know what it was about but if you look at the making of bad is a documentary spike lee film this is a film podcast of michael did all the not motion capture but he he designed ola movements for the characters he curry graft raisins albert welcome what part of his body got on fire during that commercial shoot i think he'd learned his lesson by that okay there was to fireworks just the there is a certain sign that we love in it that they use low the la no die down early tuesday again a hannah here here's ziauddin now yeah she way giannella screamin' from monterrey screaming for but she's homeless yeah okay landline i don't know tell you i think you're why lines the reference landline because of the nineties here i don't know if i did a good job cellnet but i actually really enjoy the relationships i definitely don't want to go and see if they go to a benny hana twice okay have you ever referred to that kind of food as being called eat attainment oh no i would never say that it's funny there are two things that i i get willie williams who you know in minya of rock director willie because he's too it's much has to phrases that are love one is dacia venue.

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