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Ride up and over the same old grade next update twelve twenty eight the traffic leader KCBS now let's get our six day outlook from Derren pack in the KPIX five weather center we're not dealing with any of them may gray out there not until Wednesday by Wednesday morning the low clouds are gonna start to filter back into the bay so for these first two days of the week it's sunny skies and temperatures just a little warmer than average will go to the low eighties for many inland spots for Monday and Tuesday look mid seventies for the bag by Wednesday even though we do public clouds back into the bay for the morning the real story for Wednesday and much more importantly Thursday and Friday is the warmup temperatures are gonna start climbing so that by the time we get to Thursday and Friday we got daytime highs in the low in mid nineties for inland locations we'll make it up into the low eighties for much of the baby's numbers about ten degrees above average by the time we get there so it'll be warm seventies at the beaches and then the temperatures will start to cool back down just a touch as we go into the weekend I'm meteorologist Aaron Peck with you KPIX five KCBS forecast right now around the bay area Pleasanton has seventy four so does Morgan hill in half moon bay it's sixty four San Matteo sixty eight and in San Francisco right now sixty nine degrees traffic and weather together on the eights on all news one of six nine and A. M. seven forty KCBS history was made this morning at the nation's highest court for the first time audio of the arguments before the Supreme Court was heard live your argument this morning in case nineteen forty six United States patent and trademark office purses booking dot com also for the first time those arguments were made by telephone the changes all the result of the corona virus pandemic to recap how things went we're joined live on the KCBS.

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