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Also be abundantly clear when i say this mickey callaway is not a very good manager i don't think that is but i think that mickey callaway is a very decent person a good man and a good baseball man probably in the wrong city probably in the wrong league and probably in the wrong position on he's a manager yet even though he is one you know what i mean i think it was too big of a transition from a pitching coach in the american league when there's no double switches in the just the nuance of the game is different to all of a sudden managing in new york with all the intangibles that the nationally present all right so i could very easily started this show and turn this into a oh my god you know not mickey's gotta go jason the one guy who should know better probably jason vargas has to know better relaxed jason take it easy there's a couple of reporters that i know and one of them's an old school guy while the matthews who i love and if you're a big boxing fan you know wally if you ever pulled that now used to work with while the back of the day if you ever if you ever pull that nonsense wally wally would confront that have been wally would knock them down i mean there's certain guys i don't know the what is the name healy what mike he'll be right from the from newsday a not immersed in the day to day local scene i'm a national host i really don't read newsday quite frankly i don't have any need to from what i've deduced i did certainly check in f._a._a. earlier you know and even people who do this daily they don't really know much about him because he's relatively new to the scene in this in this in this aspect but those who do know mounts for being very decent guy so the root of this issue apparently is he said i'll see you tomorrow to mickey callaway this was after you know mickey tough loss i get a three run bomb nine question Tough loss. No question. but i thought everything kinda simmer down and then when mickey was leaving this reporter said i'll see you tomorrow now some took that as and i i'm going to give the reporter of the benefit of the doubt as i'm giving mickey for just having a bad day mickey shouldn't be fine or penalized or apologize give me a break do anything wrong again is a little different he should know better make lunging at a reporter commute break but the reporters in the eyes of some again which i would agree with it was a way of him saying hey i'll see you tomorrow i don't know if you'll be here tomorrow because you just got your pitching coach fired and i think we all smart enough to know that you're next and again i'm just again deducing connecting dots you know these are the storylines with the mets i don't think it was said in a flipping arrogant condescending derisive way i just don't and if he said it that way then maybe he deserved to get stuff to maybe i don't think he's that kind of guy 'cause people who really know him bouncers character and you know i trust those people who were speaking about this gentleman so what does this really mean i think it's that big of a deal i really don't mike your new york die miss something there well i think i think you have more closely with the vargas thing right i think the problem is when your manager and you're the leader of men and you act this way towards a reporter and then one of your players lashes out and has to be restrained and held back from tacking the guy had he just said m effort or called him whatever you call them calloway but that's all he did vargas his actions are separate but that's what you had had that been the only thing you know what a cared is because vargas went after him now mix calloway looked like he i don't want to instigate you let the match tensions but that's not fair why i know what you're saying when you're the manager it's your job to control your players to an extent and if they're going to feel like they have a free rein the latitude of talking about a culture it's a culture to feel the freedom to do that route that on even in a very passive way drop that on calloway's doorstep i mean generally speaking when you know whether it's a college coach we talk about his program whether he had any knowledge of certain things you should have when you're a professional manager you're managing egos and you're managing millionaires and adult men and you kind of have to know how to control them by doing it the first time mapping the guy the first time yup fine to come back afterwards and do it again and get him out of here were you doing your instigating your guys to be pissed off he's not he's not old guy he's a kid i think probably twenties maybe thirty he's young yeah yeah so you're you're you're kind of nudging your guys maybe not to lunge at him but to certainly take action in some other way okay i i want to get into this what hit a different angle coming up here one eight five five two one two forty two twenty seven i think at the root of all of this will definitely take calls because a couple of different ways to see this and you can obviously.

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