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If i change my career. I still have to deal with me. I think reducing social media is probably part of this four almost everyone if there are there are people. I know lots of people. I don't do facebook. I i think facebook is dumb and i think to myself. There's like how you're missing out. Look at all the things you're not doing and now think to myself god. I wish that was me. I mean like so much of what i do now would would probably not happen because so much of the podcast and all that kind of happens on facebook and instagram. That sort of thing. But i i laugh. There are people who don't have this problem. They don't have this struggle to fear of missing out in and not doom scrolling and stuff like that on some level reduction of social media is a big thing. I think some people need to realize that they need to know. What enough is i know that in dentistry One of the ways that we keep score is is three dollars. Because that's that's that's a measure that everyone has to deal with on some level and you know so more is better and and my questions. How much do you need. I know that there's a lot of people that are in in a lot of debt in there. They've got a big not crack. I totally get that. But on some level we have to look at how much we need in and can we reduce the lifestyle requirements. We've created to need less may be able to work less in in. How is the whole keeping score thing working for you. I think there's stuff to dig into their. I just i just have a lot. I have a lot to talk about in this thing. And i think i think it'd be an interesting thing to talk about on the podcast to make make part of the regular rotation of podcasting shows so i do want to tell you this my plan moving forward for me just because as you might hear in my voice this has been affecting me a lot in the last couple of days enough so i felt like i really needed to talk about it in and i'm going to do some. I'm going to try in july to make some changes for myself so the first thing. I'm going up north for starting at starting july july second. We're going up north to to my my parent's cottage for a week and a half. So i'm gonna be kind of out of out of my normal position so i'm not going to be creating a bunch of content in july. There'll be some stuff that the the very clinical guys be going in. I'll probably throw some some shorts up there. I'm gonna take a break. I think from from content creation or at least releasing stuff. I'll probably be working on stuff. So i can. I can build up build up some content so so i don't have such a gangbusters scheduled for production. I'm also going to work on the website. So i can actually right now. I don't have a website for the very dental podcast stuff. And so i'm kinda working from It's easier to post stuff when there's an actual website working on that. I'm going to read some books. I'm gonna spend some time with my kids. I'm gonna make sure. I exercise every day. Because i've been doing that consistently and that's that's been a really good part of my routine and i'm gonna i'm gonna sleep. I'm gonna try and get some sleep in july made. Sure i'm getting enough sleep. But but most importantly. I'm going on social media diet for july at least at least for while i'm on vacation and i don't exactly know what that looks like I'm going to take. Facebook already. Have taken facebook off my phone. The struggle for me is that i keep in touch with a lot of people. My friends good friends on a lot of the messaging apps whether it's facebook or instagram or or something in facebook at least lets you just use the messenger without going into the facebook app but instagram kinda doesn't so man. Instagram finney guys are instagram users. And once you start scrolling it is like it sets a hook man. It is just you just get drawn into it. I'm embarrassed muth almost fifty year old man. I tell you. I'm embarrassed in. It's partly because instagram visual. You literally could look at at amazing dental cases all day. Long on your phone if you wanted to on instagram or or memes or comedy or music my god i i mean i'm looking at these independent musicians that are that are so amazing on a regular basis and it just sucks me in so i don't necessarily experienced life like i should so july. I'm really gonna try. I'm going to try. I've never really been able to do it. And i've never tried that hard. I'm actually gonna try to go on. A social media died doesn't mean i'm not going to be on social media at all. I'm just gonna make sure that it isn't. It isn't going to distract me. I'm going to try really hard to do that. I'll keep you posted on that too if you want to know doing probably i'll probably let you know how things are going on the very dental facebook page because at least that sort of a safe place for me so And then like. I said i'm going to work on kind of a plan. Moving forward to try and incorporate this concept into the podcast moving for. I think i think it'd be a it's like i said it's kind of on brand for me anyhow by could be helpful for a lot of people too so if you guys have any ideas what you'd like to hear you know in in in this mode like how we can be better in in dawn and i are going to continue the the peaceful practice podcast. Who don't understand that. This is not a replacement for that. But i just thought that i would. You know like i want to talk to people who have done well with therapy. And what. Kind of benefits are kinda. Wanna talk to people who are maybe struggling with drugs and alcohol or have been in treatment. I want to talk to people who deal with generalized anxiety. I wanna talk with people who have other medical conditions. I'm i kinda wanna talk to people that going through stuff and what they're doing. I feel like that would be really useful thing for this. So let me know again Go into the facebook very dental facebook group. Let me know or message me on facebook. You can message me or you can email me at simple but not easy at in. Just let me know what you think. I hope this is useful for you Like i said. I got some content for next week but i'll probably be a be reduced amount of content during july donder stand. I'm coming back. I just. I just take a little time for myself and and work on gone some other stuff. They'll social media diet. And i hope that I hope that things are going well for you. Guys and Hey if you if you want to support the podcast against go checkout or sponsors support the sponsors of the people. i'm working with for sponsorship. All have amazing products and services. So i just. I love you to check them out even even just check them out. Let them know that you're listening to the podcast and let them know that. It's worth supporting us. So hey thanks a ton guys. I appreciate your listening and we will catch you next episode..

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