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That's the secretary Chicago dot com today, of course, as pie day, which you know, the ratio pie because it's March the fourteenth. So it's three one four. But I think you take that opportunity to eat pie to he. I e. Yeah. You know, how I've got one. I've got one hundred thousand digits of pirate. Here you're far you think you can make it all I can't make it. Maybe a couple three point one four one five nine. You're still good to. Yes, seven. No. That's lost. It. That's good though. You're you guys. Can you best Yuriko one four one five nine six five three eight nine seven nine three two three eight four cents. Sorry. Listen francesa. We've had enough there. Are we getting at Havana dream pie? We should Taylor asked me before and asked if we wanted and I said, yes, I haven't gotten an update yet. Well, I mean, it's by. -ticipant pie coming right right around the corner. We're going to get some Joe's stone crab Havana dream. I mean, come on Taylor. Let's go. She's waiting for what's trending today. Mark. What are the hot topics on social media, boys? Good afternoon. College basketball is trending a lot of big tournament's going on right now. Zion's back tonight Zion is back tonight. They are a bow. Let me double check the line era. I was looking at this morning. I just want to get an update all done. Talk amongst yourselves. Okay. Yeah. Zion back. I'm sure it moves the line a couple of points. Yeah. I think it's gonna move to. I like to see how. Well, he plays here. I know by the way. Tonight, seven and a half, it's eleven and a half. So it is taking upwards a little I think it was eleven when I saw it earlier Duke is an eleven and a half point favorite over the orange tonight. I'll let me just give some quick updates on some of the game's going on the MAC tournament. Buffalo is they're going to win their up seventy four forty three over Akron in buffalo is the best team conference. Lock to make a lot. Yeah. Tournament. So that it doesn't take away from an at large. Last year's champion Villanova right now in the big east tournament is up nine over providence. We got five thirty seven to go in the second half. All right. Rhode Island tournament caps at right now. The Atlantic ten is beating with cell seventy two forty five. Virginia has taken the lead back from NC state NC state tweet at halftime thirty five thirty four. Well, how about NC states come back yesterday? Unbelievable. Unbelievable. And then Ohio State who is not even on the bubble. I think right now is beating Indiana who is strictly on is clearly in the bubble. Forty two thirty three in Iowa State is destroying Baylor right now fifty three to thirty eight buckeyes were getting two points as well underdog with the lead at right now, Illinois with the I don't know if I could call it exciting, but it was an overtime game against northwestern last night. I did watch a lot of that. I don't know. How Felise missed that lap at the end of the game. It's almost like he should have just went into the contact. You probably would have went to the line. But it didn't matter the align. I wanted over time anyway disappointing year for coach Collins, maybe someone blocked it to I don't think. So. Oh, and then quickly in the players champion Players Championship. Tommy Fleetwood birdied the last three holes. He's at seven hundred young on is at six under Brian Harman and Rory mcilroy. Two shots off the lead at five hundred Tigers on his second hole right now. He is even so far between Tommy Fleetwood and Zander shuffling with my second wrath. Yesterday was Zander. I hope I wonder all right good. Tommy Fleetwood man, he's got some game. Let me tell you. He's got good hair to Justin Rey here is the one player that was yesterday's dry. It was my first pick your ad is having a rough day. He was plus three at one point off. Boy, I'm in trouble. I don't know if that's turned around yet for you today happen, but he could post a sixty one tomorrow, and you'd be in good share rules changes in MLB plus updates and the cubs and SOX during the one o'clock hour, it's carbon in your co on ESPN one.

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