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Finish and he could measures above hiding there as well mesh riff mile to. We've got long straight to to use your turn of foot nassir mistress best so even though those horses are very much a close together in terms of the ratings increase be backing would be very much of the conditions that under and i think the reading that mischief been given shoes. You that look easy. Get six length wednes- but we always need to kick the tires of what's behind indeed. Interestingly the arc and the japan cup were mentioned as targets for mystery fees assured seven one is biggest twelve to one of the big race at longchamp in tiber. Foot as you will send you display doubts about him over that strongly. Run them on and off so does not make much sense to give him a break. Now name those races or would you rather be looking towards the irish champion stakes in terms of giving horses breaks outside. I defer to trainers. I know our break michigan needs and always been on the golan time. I thought he was basically giving a break before the clips on the eclipse was there to try and get property for the king. George i don't know if i was to give him a break. The ice champion would be that sort of recent. Sue smith for me. He's he stays on mile and a half but for me as a mile to horse is very best. These are the conditions had on wednesday. He's gonna issue was based on data. Yeah i'd be. I'd be really thinking about lepers time. Because at st lympstone the we have to quicken their all the whole box of the sora conditions that will suit him more so than an arc more so than japan cup but the reason he's picked up a lot of the group ones he has to know is because of the way he's been campaigned. It's been picking the racism easiest to win. And i don't know if the japan coverage would fit that bill and i don't know what's going to turn up in the irish champion to be quite honest but a lot of what mr competing as he's quite adaptable and he's very very high class. And once you go horse like dots accused of picking up the group ones. He can win. So that's the difficulty for the connections. No i don't think we need to worry too much if i was very very best. Conditions are because under the good is anything but we from them is just to avoid the very best horses and it's very very difficult to get your goldilocks conditions. Every single time. Last year's champion stakes. He was pretty disappointing in eighth that he could go back to that race. Trying via dame dot was another one of the socket strong goals to mention jiro. What was your main takeout from this gentleman. International via the runners alcohol-free she lately didn't stay allen kara's keats touched on once further. love is. this is good issues. mahathir would reckon. I didn't think there was much to be taken from those in behind. Love oversee plainly. Underperformed and alan. Kerr think he's a very good three year old but he's not a top-class ray year old. I thought that the winner was head and shoulders above the rest absolutely hammered them. He's obviously very very high class when he gets. He's conditions when everything goes these. Why and let's not forget the massive performance to to give so much weight to the impressive darby in when they are over meinhof on his previous star. I think that's a really really tough. Toss for the full year. Old especially against the tea shop three-year-old like idea and to run himself clog south. That was an excellent run as well. I think he does stay on the half. I think he's gonna be a huge player wherever he goes. He's definitely one of the best around possibly the best in the world. We're going to see your slightly more positive on him. Then i mean it's difficult to analyse trip wise. 'cause he calls won the shema plastic vermont off so he can get it. But whether i sort of european strongly run manav i've been more galloping tracksuits I'm not so sure one thing i would say about. Every time i watch him he always finishes always finishes wherever it be a monocle. Mon- half he puts his head down and he absolutely runs his heart out to the line. Again give you everything that he's got. Mystery fees vary uncomplicated. He reminds me a little bit of foul brave From a few years ago similar tie wasn't flashy but very tough genuine versatile and without they're a genuine top lasker one host aceticket. Tgi don't follow bribes nearly two decades ago now. It doesn't seem that long ago to me. He's top class though. His new mischief is great. Avocado slide came to compare this to because he's so solid and reliable. Let's compare him to snowfall than the dolly yorkshire eggs winner. Roy moore writing for nine brian. favourite for the arc. Now indeed Show is nine to four. Do we think she deserves that position of the back of this performance grim this still i got myself in a mess technik only she but then i always say you know. It's not my job to see her until you. That's no foresee go do smart to try and get well. She's not space I'm never too downhearted down. Downhearted when when i take him on the night boat up arcade taylor. She keeps winning. But i'm still remind so slightly not convinced that she's as good as she looks but nevertheless she has done what three times in a row now one by wide margins in fairly good times i just have a feeling that when it when she comes up against the the very very best she's gonna come up show but a course she is going to be getting the phillies allowance. The cotroversial phillies allowance which are dislike of coast. And she's a three year old isn't see so she'll be getting a lot of white off the likes of mischief so she might. Well just just go. We and taking advantage of of of that i just. I'm i'm not positive about snowfall as i am about mischief. I think misery physics albert hose but given all the white concessions and the phillies allowance. And all that will be well beaten him. Did we learned anything new. About how wonderful tonight arguably didn't bring her best on this quicker surface. Did you think anything different of snowfall after this performance. Compared to what you've seen before not particularly sheep pay. Obviously edit one from roy moore said afterwards that He felt from about three federal down. He was really doing a half speed..

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