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So three one two nine eight one seventy two hundred. Let's first talk a little bit about what you guys do for a living. And we'll start with Mike from creative carpentry residential remodelling. We do we've gotten in the last couple of years we've gotten into some commercial, maintenance and repair. So we do a little of everything far, west suburbs. Pulling from Naperville area. Nice. Very good. Very good. Jim. What about you? And hens Dale area, we do mostly interior remodeling kitchens. Bathrooms basements remedy from time to time. And yeah, we're out in the hillsdale area. Mostly like said interior when does it pick up for you? Moore's it right now, we've been busy since. Yeah. Yeah. The weather hasn't hasn't been much of a factor for us. In fact, a cold weather. We did get some additional business from some repairs and stuff like that typically are type of work workers. The majority is interior is it, okay? All year round. Yeah. We're not like if you only do addition, you're kind of stuck sometimes. Yes, you're by weather. So sure how did you guys? Get started filling in here because you've been doing this law longer than I had dinner with Lou decades ago. Okay. He hooked me up with Milt Rosenberg get him drunk somebody to do the show. So I. Okay. Just kind of evolved from there and been doing it ever since I knew I loved that. It was Milt Rosenberg. He was cool. He was a cool guy. I didn't know that heat. And you know, I didn't know that he did that type stuff on his show. Well, he was interviewing different people all the time and lose that. He's looking for a contractor. You wanna see interview and said sure, and and by the time, I got home from dinner with Lou he'd already had it all set up phone 'cause let's do it and did this show and after a couple of weeks he asked me back because it was a good segment apparently. And then after that I started filling in for Lou and Jim's been my my probably six partner now really put a long time. But yeah, Jim's been probably longest Joe how long gas. I think maybe seven years. Yeah. Did you did you buy dinner to is that.

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