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Justin Smith up before on Franklin Franklin across the line drive all the way to the whole frozen UP band rule file again on metal arms his arms fix up another personal that will be his fourth of the ballgame and we will send arm on Franklin to the free throw line arm on the day with three points he knocked down a three quarter in the first half of the store here in the second fifty six point nine seconds now remaining in the school year Frankel eyes number one it's on its way rentals we'll go I'm on is really struggled the line three of six please really struggled shooting the basketball here as the seasons progressed ever since I've Notre Dame game in which he was just phenomenal he is not shot the ball on a consistent basis whatsoever it's the second one he's got four points seventy one fifty eight role filed on the play Tennessee and durable both their own I think the the file to Al Gore about this is the third time to throw against the full court press has been able to come and run right from the half court line right down the center of the fort you get a straight line pass he's been that outlive their that relief for Purdue press nobody from Indiana has realize that that's what he's doing take away that pass so drove just two points of this war game today got those in the first half but he's an eighty percent free throw shooter and he rooms and how good one more shot number two on its way and this one rattles and he's got three seventy two to fifty eight just a strip mall and Mattie finds rob in the C. brings it up to see across the timeline rise Elaine throws it outside reporter black partially rockers up with a loose ball bounces the tracer gets a doubt inside breezy lawyer rejection Davis got is forty four now no jelly Sir will base ball up the court and who drove comes up on the hill taken in there is another big shot for the support of the ball game seventy four sixty back to a fourteen point lead here is out there dumps it inside to trace down Loni DOCSIS one home sixty points for the end and I just too little too late and the defense is just not been good enough I think they're gone sour looks like it no Joe Easter holds on rebels it back outside shock like the game clock for about a second half apart here's eastern reveling it to the left side trace trying to reach an handle just back off now with five going to give to give any of the ball a couple seconds left on the clock they will in India with two point two seconds to go we'll have one last throw up with the basket if that's what happened here answer to see will put up a half court shot that does not drop and that's the end of the ball here final score here seventy four to six continue on mastery over the city at a basketball team they have lost six in a row now a and M. nine of the last ten meetings up along the border makers as well finally was seventy four.

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