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Run with prop madcap home of the five star technician. 7 38 traffic and weather on the ace. Let's go back to Jack in the traffic center. All right, avoiding the district if it all possible, obviously and major lockdown mode with the inauguration, your closures of the inbound 14th Street Bridge of the inbound Roosevelt Bridge. Memorial Bridge has been closed in both directions for a couple of days. Don't forget your Southeast Anacostia crossings. The Souza, the 11th and the Douglas are open but closed to commercial traffic. Full list of all the closures downtown. Obviously on w t a p dot com The key bridge remains open. Very slow right now. The Whitney Young Bridge, not bad. And, of course, the chain bridge. Now you will find we've dealing with icy conditions, with temperatures hovering. Around the freezing mark. Sand trucks are busy leaving the district north on the Baltimore Washington Parkway. After 15 York Avenue. Stay to the left, right lane was kind of iced over. Howard County up in Glenwood, near the Howard County Montgomery County Line north of 6 50. This is Maryland 97, Georgia extended a Roxbury mill road up near Cattail Creek and Roxbury Road. Multiple crashes in the area again, the sand trucks need to get on scene. Georgia Avenue South found just inside the Beltway. There was a crash in the middle of the roadway out of our beauties Route one south near I won 95. There's also been in earlier crash couple issues in Virginia. Nothing big for now. Knock on wood Route one South bound your South Glebe road. There was an earlier crash. Loudon County Parkway South Bound between Evergreen Mills Road in Dallas West Boulevard. There's been one broken down along the left side of the roadway Train service Marks pen, Candid and Brunswick lines suspended until tomorrow morning. V R E same. But it'll resume the S service schedule plus Fredericksburg line trains 303 +07 on Thursday morning, the following metro stations not open at this point. Trains will not stop at these stations. Farragut, North Judiciary Square Union Station Archives, Arlington Cemetery, The Pentagon, Farragut West McPherson Square, Federal Center, Southwest Capital, South Smithsonian Federal Triangle Metro Center and Gallery Place again that full list on w t o p dot com Stay with w. T. O. P throughout the day for inauguration coverage presented by Penn Fed Credit Union. Whether you're in uniform or not. You can apply today at Penn Fed dot or Gjallica Taylor w T o p traffic over the storm team for meteorologists, Lauren Rickets. Your inauguration. Whether temperatures are going to be topping out right around 40 degrees, wind chills in the twenties and low thirties.

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