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Tom. You've come great popular act teams. Get a very important phone calls but tom. You said that yards a yards. I hope this will mend you. Said and say that points are points yards. Don't even matter. I care about points and so killing more understands. The quickest way to get to the end zone is through the air. It's not on the ground. And he wants to get into the end zone and he needs to get better at it from a red zone perspective. We've already discussed that. But i mean. I think more is more than capable of it. But it's a secondary priority for him in a vacuum. I mean i don't waste his time but spent his time focusing on running the ball in ways to develop run schemes because that is not the most efficient utilization of time energy or resources which having a ninety million dollar running back completely goes against by the way purchase. Yeah i i've said earlier that the the key is the cowboys run more. They run more efficiently You know which which means you don't look at what's happening with the new york giants offense and remember back to what we had to suffer through a or you lineup. And you show. Hey we're gonna we're gonna do a halfback dive between the center of the tackle. And that's exactly what you do. That's not what kill more going to do. He's going to be looking for time when okay. Here's where a run mike. Catch them off balance. Or here's what might make sense. Or here's where they've got a personnel grouping out there on the defense says we want to run the ball and go after that white. That's where you used the run and it doesn't matter whether you get sixty yards rushing or one hundred sixty are rushing like you said is. Are we getting down into the end zone are we. Are we getting more points than the other team with our offense and that is all that really matters. I and you know killing more won me over. Would he came out with that. I play the game from his own. Two yard line with empty backfield and they got thirty. Some odd yards to amari cooper. That was what i just whip. Yes kellen go and speaking of that play. Tom marks goldfield. Who will be doing series. Dak watcher blocking the boys dot com every week. This season broke down that play among seven others on the blogs youtube channel. Go check it out He goes really in depth in terms. Of what is seeing their why the ball comes out so quickly why it comes out to mark very interesting stuff. I will say tony. That context does seem to just the absent among football fans. And i think it's just the way. Football is presented on tv. And i don't want to turn into like that football blogger guy But you know football on television is just you know. Total yards rushing yards passing yards. You know during the packer saints game last sunday. It's the green bay packers at the number one rush defense in the nfl xtra. Yeah i wonder why. It's probably because they built up monstrous leads against every team because aaron rodgers on fire so nobody could run the ball against them. You know. that's that's why these things happen. These things can be easily explained. And i hope that's what we're doing here. Do you have confidence in more. Being able to run the ball or being able to devise a run scheme that can have success. Because people point to the zeke play whereas you make us mad miss and he doesn't they say they don't run the ball it's not. It's not all absolute one way. Or the i mean there's more layers to the onion to peel for that. Specifically zeke play. You know blake jaren picks that up. Zeke's probably walk in the highest step and is a certain things that you know it to answer your question. Yeah i mean callum more in. I don't you know personally i don't care if callum more you know i'm to devote to the run game. I want him to devote to beat that week's opponent. If that means that zeke's run the ball nine times if that means he's run the ball thirty nine times at whatever like you said the yards acute. But the but the the windsor one with the points. And that's just the bottom line. And i think the more is going to get the job done. I think he's proven that he can move the ball around more. We're just gonna have to be more efficient in the red zone but that's a different topic. Meg i remember last year in this. This really backfired because he ended up back up with the cowboys. But when cooper rush was claimed by the new york giants after the copies cut him. I remember you referencing a tweet. Mine on gross. Talking boys like that total symmetry because i had tweeted when the cowboys kaku rush that it would be the most predictable thing in the world for jason garrett to claim and the giants did again. This looks really bad at this particular moment in time. But jason garrett's overall philosophy. Is you just gotta beat your man. That's that's that's that's what led to chaz green. You just you show that picture man. And it's it's literally believing in magic to a certain degree. May i don't know if you've seen this but saquon barkley was the least efficient running back in the nfl in week. One according to next gen stats. I don't think any of us believe that saquon barkley is not talented athlete at an incredible. Nfl running back but he is imprisoned. Like there's there's no doubt about like all the results screen one particular results. Yeah call him out. Jason garrett is not good at calling offense. Sorry that's can't put it together. I love it because he's not here anymore. So tony were. You surprised to see the giants offense struggle. I mean it's it's it's no tom. It's adorable it's just. It's it's really charlie brown getting over and over and over again. You're asking me if. I'm surprised to see a jason garrett offense act like a jason garrett offense then no i'm not you know Tom do you feel bad for saquon. Barkley no wow so heartless. A great counseling. But because i wanna make sure that we've got a couple wins there in the nfc east against the against the giants. No but yeah okay. They maybe as the individual until sad that he stuck in this situation It may he makes wind up seeing. Who knows how much of his career wasted under jason garrett I suspect that may not be very long if they have a the year..

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