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Happens to make everything. Ricki? I think I'm pretty people come on achey knows. I should have won an Oscar. Your your spider verse one? I was thrilled at that happened. Best animated feature. Yeah. And Olivia Colman. She's great. I haven't seen the favorite. But I want to see it now because she just heard her speech was great. Can I just say something about speeches? I say this over year people that walk up with a piece of paper and read fifty names don't do that for your walk up. I promise you I will. If I were if I were there managers, I would say don't do that, you know, you walk up, and you have I don't wanna leave anybody know that then don't even try. I promise you, I won't do that. You know, you can you can. Talk a little bit about the character. And why you picked this. And and thank your spouse. And yeah, you know, mom, and then you should thank your cell. I want to thank me. But don't take a list up and read the list. That's never a good thing. I put up with all of your crap for thirty years in this business. And now I've won let me tell you who I'm not gonna. List of people who don't deserve. Thanks. Appear in spite of you. Coleman was great because she said looked at glencoe close. I've always admired you, and I wish I would have been able to speak to you under better. But. Crash.

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