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Been there since nineteen 85 there you will by or inside there not outside inside won't you pass through security which is always there you will find precious metals gold and silver you will find as the name implies us coins dating all the way back to win the first coins of this nation were minted you will find texas history like you've never seen before you will find an awful lot an awful lot of fascinating impressive pieces of metal in there and by the way they have a magic machines what i call it put a peace mellon there you turn it on in a second or two a maybe a few seconds later it will dissect that thing and tell you exactly what the metal content is it not take it apart but chemically dissect it until you exactly what percentage of what metals or in that peace you add they'll do that for you guys for free just ask them to do that for you they'll sit down in a praise your coin collection as well or help you fill the holes in it you ask coins great much people over there great bunch people fascinating story really need to go by just kind see for yourself you'll stick around just four the texas history if nothing else katie free way just outside the loop near vaughan houston coins dotcoms website seven one three four six four sixty eight sixty eight seven one three four six four six eight six eight or once more houston coins dot com quick break when we get back we'll talk palmar casio he in our god mauer close to the same age he's given up his secrets he'd been fishing galveston bay system for boys since a long time i'll just leave it at that and he's given them up in videos we'll talk about that when we come back eight thirty three doug pike here hey now's the time to be thinking about giant trout and baffin bay is where you need to go specifically to baffin bay rod and gun club on the doorstep of texas finest trophy trout fishery and some of the best redfish action in the state to baffin bay rod and gun club you'll fish with pros who know baffin as well as anyone it's their backyard they've learned when to go what to throw to put.

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